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How to Hack Facebook Account From Android 2015-16 (Latest Hacking Tricks 2015-16)

Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16
                                                                   Latest Hacking Tricks 2015-16

Follow The Given Steps Below :-


1) At First Download Faceniff

2) Connect to the working network connection and open the FaceNiff app.

3)Now click the red button and it will then turn green when the sniffer is on.It is like Firesheep for android devices.

(Firesheep is a Firefox add-on that allowed unscrupulous users to do the same thing. FaceNiff has a leg up on Firesheep though, since the app runs on Android phones, doesn’t require any real customization to run, and even supports WPA encrypted wireless networks, as long as you’re already on the network.Press the enter button and It would show a list of all the accounts which are connected to the network and you could hi jack into that all accounts.)

4) Click on the account which you wish to hack and you will automatically logged in the account in which you wish you to. grin emoticon

5) Now you can do whatever you want with the hacked account.

15-Year-Old Admits Hacking NASA Computers (Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16)

Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16
                                                               Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16

A 15-year-old computer hacker caused a 21-day shutdown of NASA computers that support the international space station, and invaded a Pentagon weapons computer system to intercept 3,300 e-mails, steal passwords and cruise around like an employee.

The boy, known on the Internet as “c0mrade,” pleaded guilty today to juvenile delinquency in a sealed federal case.

Six Months in Jail

He became the first young hacker to be incarcerated for computer crimes, the Justice Department in Washington said in a summary.

He will serve six months in a state detention facility.

“Breaking into someone else’s property, whether it’s a robbery or a computer intrusion, is a serious crime,” said Attorney General Janet Reno. The prosecution “shows that we take computer intrusion seriously and are working with our law enforcement agencies to aggressively fight this problem.”

Chris Rouland, who monitors computer attacks for Internet Security Systems Inc. in Atlanta, said the unusual part of the case was that the boy was caught, not that he got where he did.
The boy’s identity was withheld because he’s a juvenile.

Stole Software, E-Mails

Now 16, he admitted accessing 13 computers at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., for two days in June 1999 and downloading $1.7 million worth of NASA proprietary software that supports the space station’s environment, including temperature and humidity.
NASA responded by shutting down the computers for 21 days to determine the extent of the attack at a cost of $41,000 in contractor labor and replaced equipment.

In August and October 1999, c0mrade entered the computer network run by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, whose mission is to reduce the threat from nuclear, biological, chemical, conventional and special weapons to the United States.

By entering through a router in Dulles, Va., and installing a back door for access, he intercepted DTRA e-mail, 19 user names and passwords of employees, including 10 on military computers.

The criminal case and plea bargain have been in the works for about six months, said a source familiar with the case.

If prosecuted as an adult, he would have been charged with wiretapping and computer abuse violations.
As part of his sentence, the boy must write letters of apology to the secretary of defense and the NASA administrator.

“The charges do not necessarily denote the actual threat to national security,” said Russ Cooper of, a Reston, Va.-based network security provider. He believes the NASA computer shutdown was time spent determining whether the intruder left anything behind that could harm the system.
Gov’t Computer Scares Common?

But Cooper also believes that kind of shutdown is more common than federal agencies acknowledge.
“I would suspect that that type of delay is occurring very, very regularly,” he said. “It’s quite likely that companies and government agencies, et cetera are scared into thinking that they might have been compromised.”

The case reflects growing technical sophistication among hackers, who found 10 new ways to break into computers in 1996 but now invade at the rate of 100 a month, Rouland said. He rates government security at a D in terms of school grades.

“This is a great bellwether as to the state of security where juveniles can traipse across computer systems with little or no fear” of being caught, he said.

8 Best Android Apps To Improve Privacy and Security in 2015-16 (Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16)

Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16
                                                           Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16

As Mobile Device Security is comprised of security of different features, such as:

    Data privacy and security features
    Permission restrictions for snoopy apps
    A blacklist for undesired calls
    An excellent backup capability, in case your smartphone gets deteriorated.
    As well as encryption functionality.

Google’s Android is a very flexible mobile operating system that can fulfill all these mobile device security challenges if you select the right security applications from Google Play Store.

No doubt, Google Play Store has an abundance of suitable options, and it’s quite difficult for you to select the ones that meet all your expectations.

So, I decided to help you by making a short list of the best mobile device security applications that I always carry in my Android smartphone.

Here are the best security apps you must have in your Android smartphone; have a look:

TextSecure Private Messenger (Free)

There are vast number of secure messaging apps available in Play Store, but the trouble part is that most of them work only if both the parties use the same application for encryption to work.

TextSecure breaks that barrier and works with standard SMS text messages as well, which means you can add an extra layer of security to regular texting even if the client you are messaging is not using TextSecure.

TextSecure Private Messenger is a free secure text messaging app developed by Open Whisper Systems. It is completely open-source and supports end-to-end encryption for secure text messages, means nothing is stored on its server.

Your private conversations will be even safer if both parties are chatting directly through the TextSecure app, but the ability to encrypt your standard SMS messages makes it different from other secure messaging apps.

Download & Install TextSecure Private Messenger.

RedPhone: Private Calls (Free)

RedPhone is a free secure call app that provides end-to-end encryption for your private calls, securing your phone conversations in a way that nobody can listen in.

The purpose for which I use the Red Phone app is that it’s very easy to use. Red phone uses your standard phone number to make and receive phone calls, so there is no need for any other identifier.

The Red phone app, created by Open Whisper Systems, is completely open source and free to download from Google Play Store.
Crypt4All Lite (AES) - (Free File Encryption Software)
Crypt4All Lite (AES) is the popular app for mobile device encryption that is being used to encrypt and decrypt files with 256 bit AES algorithm (AES Crypt version 2).

It has been developed by codewell4 keeping data privacy and security in mind. You can install Crypt4All Lite (AES) for free from Google Play Store.

This mobile device encryption app is being used to encrypt your sensitive files before moving them to online cloud services and store the encrypted files on your Android smartphones.

Nobody except you can access and read those files that have been protected by a Unicode as your password, until or unless you don’t share your password with the second person.

Orbot: Proxy with Tor (Free Privacy and Online Anonymity)

Orbot is a mobile phone app that allows users to access the Internet, email and instant messaging without being threatened to be monitored or blocked. Orbot brings the functionality and features of Tor directly to the Android OS.

Tor is a free, open source software project that helps you defend against network surveillance. Orbot is a tool used to protect online privacy by using Tor to encrypt your Internet traffic and pass your traffic through a series of computers around the world, maintaining your anonymity.

Orbot is developed by the team of privacy lover people, The Tor Project, so you can safely use it for data protection and confidentiality.

You can Download Orbot app for Free from Google Play Store.

AppLock (Free Application Lock Utility)

AppLock is used to protect your personal data to be accessed by anyone. You can put lock to your SMS, Contacts, Gallery, Gmail, Settings, Facebook, Calls and any other app you want to keep away from outsiders.

Do not confuse AppLock with your phone in-built lock feature, as the in-built feature of your smartphone only allows you to put lock on your phone, but not on the selected apps you want.

With AppLock, you don’t need to worry about a friend borrow your phone to play games again or they get your smartphone to have a look. Your private data in certain apps is secured by the app, protecting your privacy.

You can Download AppLock for Free from Google Play Store.

App Ops (Free App Permission Manager)

App Ops is an Android app that allows you to block permissions to individual apps. This is a great app that allow me to block unnecessary app permissions of certain apps that do not have anything to do with the main function of the apps.

Generally, Android OS is built with an in-built app permission system and when you install any app from Play Store you are asked to grant the permissions that the app requests. If you decline to agree, the app is not installed. It’s an all or nothing situation.

App Ops solves this issue and allows you to change the app permissions. So if, for example, you don’t want your flashlight app to collect your location-based data, which is being used by ad agencies, then you can revoke that permission for that particular app.

App Ops is available for free in Google Play Store and supports Android 5.0.

However, App Ops is still accessible on Android 4.3, 4.4.0 or 4.4.1 if your device is rooted. If you have upgraded your Smartphone to Android 4.4.2 then you need to first launch a root authentication and then reboot your device.

Unless you are a human supercomputer, remembering password is a tough job nowadays when we have numerous online accounts on different websites and have a different password for each site.

But luckily to make the whole process very easy, there is a growing market of effective password manager out there which offers you to manage different and unique passwords for your different online accounts with extra layers of security.

LastPass is one of the effective password manager apps for Android that has made life easier for Millions of people worldwide.

With the help of LastPass, you can store your logins, create online shopping profiles, generate strong passwords storage, keep track of personal information, and many more. You can securely and easily access your personal data from every computer and mobile device.

LastPass stores your sensitive data all in one place, protected at LastPass account and encrypted by a secret master password. So, you just have to remember one LastPass password.

You can Download LastPass for Free from Google Play Store.

K-9 Mail (Free Secure Email Encryption Software)

Emails contains the most sensitive data as it’s related to both our personal as well as professional life. K-9 Mail meets your expectations by providing you a secure email encryption service.

K-9 Mail is a free and open source email encryption software for Android that allows you to securely send and receive email from one or more email accounts when used with Android Privacy Guard (APG) to encrypt the contents.

K-9 Mail is based on the original Android mail client by Google and is distributed under the open source Apache license, although it has a whole pile of additional features.

K-9 Mail supports IMAP IDLE for push messaging.

You can Download K-9 Mail for Free from Google Play Store. If you wish to download installable packages of more recent builds, you can head on to the K-9 download page.

Friday, 11 September 2015

How to Hack AppLock in Android (Latest Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16)

Latest Hacking Tricks 2015-16
                                                                   Latest Hacking Tricks 2015-16

 No need to uninstall the app or no root is required. well! let us see how to bypass AppLock android app without knowing password.

Note: This trick will not work if the settings is locked by the admin.

To hack AppLock just follow these simple steps.

1. Take the target phone in which you want to hack AppLock.

2. Now go to settings and then tap on Apps or Applications.

3. You will see AppLock app under downloaded section and tap on it.

4. After that tap on Force stop option.

With this AppLock application is currently in idle state. You can open locked apps with out entering password.

I hope you’ve have understood How to bypass AppLock application in android devices. If you have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and feel free to share this trick with others.
Enjoy !!

Hijacking WhatsApp Account in a Seconds ( Latest Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16)

Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16
                                                         Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16

This trick lets anyone surrounds you to get effectively control over your WhatsApp account. The attacker needs nothing more than a phone number of the target person and access to the target mobile phone for a few seconds, even if it is locked.

Hacking Whatsapp account in such scenario is not hard for your friends and colleagues.

Here’s How to Hijack someone else’s WhatsApp Account?

Only For Educatioal Purpose

Below are the clear steps to hack the WhatsApp account on any Smartphones:

Begin by setting up a WhatsApp account on a new mobile phone using the phone number of your target.
During the setup process, WhatsApp will call the target’s phone number and will provide a PIN that needs to be entered for the authentication of the account.

If you already have access to the victim’s phone, you can just answer the phone call and grab the code with no efforts. Even if the victim has a lock screen enabled on the phone, you can receive the phone call to get the secret PIN.

Using this known and simple trick your colleagues can hijack your WhatsApp Account easily.
Things get even worse on iPhone if the users have configured their iPhones with Siri authentication for the lock screen, because all the contact details are available to access the Siri’s settings, effectively giving everyone access to their phone number without the need for a PIN.

Thus, if you try to steal the account information of WhatsApp, without even having the phone number of the target user, you can just call your number from target’s phone using Siri.