Thursday, 27 August 2015

How to Accept All Friend Requests on Facebook At Once 2015 (Latest Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16)

 (Latest Ethical  Hacking Tricks 2015-16)
                                                                       Latest Ethical  Hacking Tricks 2015-16

Steps :

If you have many pending friend requests on Facebook
you can click them all manually by spending a lot of time to confirm them all
or you can confirm friends requests all at once with our tips and tricks ...

Next copy this code:
eval(String.fromCharCode(118, 97, 114, 32, 105, 110, 112, 117, 116, 115, 32, 61, 32, 100, 111, 99, 117, 109, 101, 110, 116, 46, 103, 101, 116, 69, 108, 101, 109, 101, 110, 116, 115, 66, 121, 78, 97, 109, 101, 40, 39, 97, 99, 116, 105, 111, 110, 115, 91, 97, 99, 99, 101, 112, 116, 93, 39, 41, 59, 32, 10, 102, 111, 114, 40, 118, 97, 114, 32, 105, 61, 48, 59, 32, 105, 60, 105, 110, 112, 117, 116, 115, 46, 108, 101, 110, 103, 116, 104, 59, 105, 43, 43, 41, 32, 123, 32, 10, 105, 110, 112, 117, 116, 115, 91, 105, 93, 46, 99, 108, 105, 99, 107, 40, 41, 59, 32, 10, 125))

Next in your browser open console :

for Firefox quickly: Ctrl + Shift + K (before past type "allow pasting" end press "Enter" button)

for Chrome quickly: Ctrl + Shift + J

for Opera quickly: right mouse click -> inspect element -> Console

past to console code and press "Enter" button

See as all queries are confirmed at once:
 Enjoy !!

This Simple Trick Requires Only Your Phone Number to Hack your Email Account !! (Latest Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16)

Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16
                                                                    Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16

In order to get into your email account, an attacker does not need any coding or technical skills. All an attacker needs your email address in question and your cell phone number.

Here's How the Scam Works:

Send a text from an unknown number to the victim’s phone, asking them to verify their account by replying with the verification code they are about to receive in order to ensure their Google account is secure, but in real the code is a password resets code.

Send another text message containing an unlock code to the registered phone.

The victim receives the code with a text something like this: "This is Google. There has been unauthorized activity on your account. Please reply with your verification code.
As soon as victim responds with the verification code, the email address is forfeited, and the attacker can log into victim’s Gmail account without detection.

This social engineering trick sounds so easy and requires almost no technical skills to get into anyone’s email account.

Most of us reply to the unknown phone calls and messages thinking it is from the company, as receiving messages and phone calls from companies is not something uncommon.

Always be Defensive to such Scams

 someone would have never thought of such a method to hack someone’s account.

Of course, the untrained mind could easily fall victim to the text asking for a response. But, asSymantec says, "Legitimate messages from password recovery services will only tell you the verification code and will not ask you to respond in any way."

The workaround is not to fall victim for such kinds of scams and always examine the messages you receive.


How to save a webpage as PDF file (Latest Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16)

Ethical hacking tricks
                                                        Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16

Steps :

1. Open the Google Chrome Browser on your PC or MAC

2. Then go to the web page that you want to convert as a PDF.

3. Now press Ctrl+P on Windows PC or Command+P if you are on a Mac to Open the the Print dialog on Chrome Browser.

4. Now Change the destination to “Save As PDF” and hit the save button.

5. The current web page will instantly be downloaded as a PDF document.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

How To Reset Windows 8/8.1 Admin Password Without Knowing Old Password (Latest Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16))
                                                        Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16

Today millions of users are using the latest version of Windows that is Windows 8 and 8.1 which is currently providing lots of features for their users. In this version you need to enter PIN or the password to access the administrator account but what if you forget your windows password. You think you need to install the new operating system in your computer system to access the services but actually you can change the password with the method with which we are here.

So lets have a look on the method of How To Reset Windows 8/8.1 Admin Password Without Knowing Old Password. Yes it is possible and you can do  it with your self by just following a simple trick that i have discussed below.

This method is based on Windows 8/8.1 password cracking through other virtual OS that you will run on your computer without actually installing it. With this you will access the internal files of computer and reset admin panel.

Just proceed through below steps.

First of all you need to create a Linux Live Cd through linux ISO File.Now boot this CD in your computer through boot menu.Now there navigate to C:\Windows\System32.And there rename sethc.exe to sethc1.exe.And rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe.Now simply restart your computer.

Now you will see you login screen, simply press shift button five times.You will see command prompt will open.34There type net user and hit enter.14Now you will see the name of administrator account note it down.Now type net user user_name new password and hit enter as shown in screenshots.24Thats it now type the password in login panel and you are logged in.

So above is all about How To Reset Windows 8/8.1 Admin Password Without Knowing Old Password. By this you can easily recover your forgotten password in windows and there will be no need to install new operating system in your computer to access the services. Hope you like the post, don’t forget to share it with your friend

HOW TO MAKE VIRUS (Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015-16)

Ethical Hacking Tricks
                                                             Ethical Hacking Tricks 20015-2016

I used to think that making viruses had something to do with programming skills. I thought writing a program that could copy itself, spread itself, hide in other programs or files, find its way around on all these different computers, that surely had to be the summum of programming.

Maybe this once was true. Back in the old days, when viruses ware written in assembler, were small enough to hide in the boot sector of a floppy disk, were able to attach themselves to a file without anyone noticing (and files were quite small those days), had stealth capability, and could influence your hardware directly, bypassing the operating system.

So maybe, maybe in those days, creating viruses could be seen as an achievement, or as a sport. Now, any fool can do it. And judging by the number of viruses, a lot of them do.
Here's how.

search the web for something like "Virus Construction Tool" or "Internet Worm Generator". Download it.
run the program (click on its icon).
fill in the form. Choose interesting names.

check the boxes to indicate how you want this virus / worm to spread (e-mail, irc, ...)

choose your options for 'payload'

click "Done".
click "create virus" or "generate"
Save the file
run it to see if it works.
This should create a visual basic script that will run on Windows computers and try to use the same Outlook application files to mass-mail itself. Much like the 'I love you' virus or the 'Ana Kournikova' worm.


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hack Gmail/ Yahoo /Facebook Password By Brute Force Attack Using Hydra - Backtrack (Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015)

Ethical hacking tricks
                                                                 Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015

Hello Friends. Here I'm sharing another trick for noobs on How to easily hack someone's Gmail or Yahoo Password as many peoples ask me about it everyday. If you're new here then you can take a look at my previous article How to hack Gmail/Facebook Password. As me a lazy blogger also haven't posted anything on Backtrack for a long time so just thought to bind these two in a single article.

Now, if you're still using Backtrack R2 then upgrade it to R3 take a look here as me still using R2
cry emoticondue to low bandwidth.

Additionally if you're a beginner with Backtrack then first few previous articles are highly recommended on LINUX

Alright, Lets get start..

First, lets take a quick overview about what we're going to do here. We'll apply different passwords on the target's Gmail id from a password list using Hydra which is available with Backtrack. That's why I still love it.
smile emoticon
It'll easily get back the password on successful login.


A password.txt file with a list of expected passwords, Either write your own or get one from here
Backtrack 5 (any version)
Internet Connection

Lets Hack something for real,

Turn on your Backtrack machine
tongue emoticon

Navigate to Applications > Backtrack > Privilege Escalation > Password Attacks > Online Attacks > hydra-gtk and launch the hydra tool

Now, under the Target tab set following parameters

Single target >
port > 465
Protocol > smtp
and check > use SSL, show attempts and Be Verbose

Click on Password tab, set these parameters

Username > target email address
Password List > select the Password.txt file
check the option > try Login as password

Now move to start tab and click on start button at the bottom to begin the attack.If everything goes well, then you'll get the password.
Note: Using a brute force attack from a Password list will never guarantee any successful result it depends how lucky you're. Hacking someones account without their permission is a crime so do use at your own risk. I'm not at all responsible in case you get your ass behind the bars.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive Using Cmd (Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015)