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Anonymous Web Surfing – Surf Anonymously 2015

Many of internet user think that no one knows what they surf on internet at home or offices. But this is actual a wrong mentality. As there are many spy agencies which are there on internet network which can easily tracks your device keep tracks on your activity that you daily perform on internet. Actually whenever you browse any website your ip and MAC address get recorded by that site . The Administrator department of the site can easily have your Ip and MAC address. Even your location can be easily accessed by this.Many of websites download cookies extensions in your browser which can easily keeps track on your activity .For exp if you ever seen that sometimes in your browser there are some unknown ads get dispalying on every site you browse or even without browsing any website. This is only because of that cookies that are tranferred to your computer by some websites. So to get Portected from all these you have to browse anonymously on internet.

How To Surf Anonymously 2015 (Private Browsing):-

There are still some things which you should know before starts surfing secretly. Actually every private browsing mainly works between the internet user and the destination website. This middle men is actually a proxy server which changes the IP address of the system and gives any random Ip address to the destination website . For exp. If we are browsing from location USA and we are using some proxy servers of Netherland then the Ip Address which will be sent to any website will be of Netherland.

But now the main thing which you must know before using any proxy addresses or servers. Some of these proxy server can keey your actual Ip address and after backtracking from any website these proxy site can reveal your actual Ip Address. So keep look on every factor before selecting your proxy servers.

Now some popular Web Proxies are here listed which will help you in  Anonymous browsing on Internet 2015.

Web Proxies 2015

Using web proxies are the best and easy way to browse secretly on internet. There are some web proxy sites like Proxify, Anonymouse or Hide My Ass. By using these sites you can easily have a secure access over internet .These proxy site gives alternative address of the site which you want to browse anonymously on Internet. But there are some drawbacks of these proxies as the browsing speed can be slow and sometime some media content are not accessible and also sometime some sites won’t get open on these proxies. and are some sites which update proxy list of all popular websites by time to time.

Manual Anonymously Proxy Servers 2015

Sometime if you proxy sites are not working then you can use manual proxy server to browse anonymously on Internet and can have secure access over it. Now to set up manual proxy server you have to change proxy in your default browser settings. In this you have to select some manual proxies from internet and set it as default proxy in your browser to browse.Just follows the simple steps to do so.

Go to ->Internet properties->Lan Settings->Address
Now add the proxy address which you have selected also enter the port address in it.
Thats it save the settings and browse securely.

Anonymous Web Surfing – Surf Anonymously 2015 – By the above discussed method you can easily secure yourself from the hackers and many spy organization which are keeping track on you everytime. Because no one of us want to share our privacy with others .As it looks very odd when we get to know that someone is havking track on our every activity . So Browse Anonymously 2015 and be Safe .

Friday, 13 March 2015

How to Find Server IP of Any WebSite - Reverse Ip Lookup 2015

Here are tips to Find Server IP of Any WebSite – Reverse Ip Lookup :-

There are many methods for Reverse Ip Lookup 2015. Best 4 methods out of them are listed below.

#1 Method: Tracing Ip Address Of A Site Using Command Prompt:-

In this method basically ping commands works for us to locate ip address of any site. Actually ping command works ICMP protocol which are made for servers address. Hence this command use to locate the server address.

Click on start and type cmd and then press Enter.
Now command prompt will gets open.
Type pind Site name (for exp ping
And press Enter.
Now this will show you the Ip address of the site and all trip details of the site location.

#2 Using Terminal In MAC Or Linux :-

Terminal is like command prompt but it is in the OS MAC and in Linux. In this we can type commands like we did in Cmd. Now in this terminal you will loockup for Ip address of any site using simple command.

Open terminal by pressing CTRL+ALT+T ok keyboard at once.
Now type ping -c1 sitename (for exp:- ping -c1
Now same as in above method this will display ip address of the server of techhacks.

#3 Using Network Utility In MAC:-

Open Network Utility in your MAC.
There you will find an option ping click on it.
Now enter the address of the site which you want to Reverse Lookup for IP  in the text field box.
Click on ping button.
This will ping the site automatically and ou will get the Ip address of the site server.

#4 Method: Using Online Sites For Reverse IP Lookup 2015:-

There are also many online which provides you the ip address of server of any site without using any software or any command. You just have to paste or type the URL of the site which you want to look for ip address. And the site will provides you the full details of the site.

Open the sites like and paste the URL of site which you want to lookup for server address.
Click on Web Ip lookup Button.

By this the site will display you the full detail of that site.

How to Find Server IP of Any WebSite – Reverse Ip Lookup : Actually these methods are used when there is a need to Retrace any site which involves in some activities which we want to know about . Also sometime this Reverse Ip address Lookup 2015 method is used to track the hackers and also to detect some of phishing sites which may involves in some illegal activities on internet.

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android 2015


USB Debugging enable on android device.
Android Data Recovery software.
Steps to Recover Deleted Photos From Android

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android 2015

First of all you need to download and install a software Android Data Recovery.
Now install this software in your computer.
Now enable USB debugging of your android.
a) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings” > Click “Applications” > Click “Development” > Check “USB debugging”
b) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings” > Click “Developer options” > Check “USB debugging”
c) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter “Settings” > Click “About Phone” > Tap “Build number” for several times until getting a note “You are under developer mode” < Back to “Settings” > Click “Developer options” > Check “USB debugging”.
Now connect your android device to your computer with your USB Cable. Please make sure that your mobile should be charged upto 30%.
Now scan your device in the Android Data Recovery software. Now you will see your device connected in the Android Data Recovery software.
Now you can scan your device for the lost photos, it can take a while .
Now the software will display all the list of images that have been deleted from your android.
Now select the photos you want to recover on your android and click on recover button.
Now your photos will get recovered and saved in your computer.
About Android Data Recovery Software

This is the World’s first Data Recovery Software for Android Smartphones.
It Directly retrieve deleted SMS text messages and contacts from your android device.
Recover pictures and video lost due to deleting, restoring factory settings, flashing ROM, rooting, etc., from SD cards inside Android devices.
This software Supports multiple Android phones and tablets, like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, and many more.

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android 2015 – By this method you can easily recover any pictures on your android.And all your deleted photos weather you have deleted by accidently or by yourself those all get easily recover in your computer using this software. Don’t forget to share the post. Leave a comment if you face any problem at any step.

Top Best Keyboard Apps For Android 2015

#1 SwiftKey

Swift Key is the best keyboard for android, I highly recommend all users to use Swift Key.  It is NO. 1 best selling app in play store. It’s rating on play store is 4.5

Key features from Play Store :

It predicts your next word before you even press a key.
It has also smart learning feature which learns from your words and save them.
Swift Key flow feature which makes typing more faster.
Multiple Layout Feature.
Price: Free/Paid
Requires: Android v.2.2 or above
Top Best Keyboard Apps For Android 2015

#2 Google Keyboard

This is another best keyboard app in play store by Google. It is not only just faster but also have many features and tons of emoji. It’s rating on play store is 4.2
Key features from Play Store :

 Personalized suggestions, corrections and completions.
 Emoji entry point and layouts (Android Lollipop 5.0,)
 Gesture Typing with dynamic floating preview.
 Space aware Gesture Typing.
 Voice Typing.
 Dictionaries for 26 languages.
 Advanced keyboard layouts.
Price: Free
Requires: Android v.4.0 or above

#3 AI Type Keyboard Plus

This also best one because of It’s user friendly User Interface. It’s flat design is really awesome. It’s rating on play store is 4.5

Key features from Play Store :

Word Prediction & Auto-Correction
Grammar Check
Voice Narration
Price: Paid
Requires: Android v.2.2 or above
Top Best Keyboard Apps For Android 2015

#4 Swype

It is one of the older and best keyboard available on play store.  Because of its features it comes by default in some devices. It’s rating on google play store is 4.1

Key features from Play Store :

Bilingual support
Personal dictionary backup & sync
Next word prediction
Voice/Text dictionary sync
Keyboard themes
Price: Paid
Requires: Android v.2.2 or above
Top Best Keyboard Apps For Android 2015

#5 Thumb Keyboard

It is also very good keyboard because it provides many advanced customization options. It makes thumb typing more natural and comfortable. It’s rating play store is 4.4

Key features from Play Store :

Flexible keyboard layouts
Fully customizable
Text to speech feedback
Swipe gesture support
Change colors and size of keys, font etc.
Top Best Keyboard Apps For Android 2015

Price: Paid
Requires: Android v.2.2 or above
Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps For Android 2015 – So, this is all about the best android keyboard apps 2015. If you knows other best keyboard for android just comment below. Thanks !

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Facebook Tricks, Tips and Hacks 2015 (Network Security Certification courses)

1) How To Make Invisible Profile on Facebook

Steps to make a hidden or invisible account on facebook,

Create a New Facebook Profile
Active your email address and verify your mobile number to set a username.
Open Facebook Via ““
Enter spaces at the beginning of the username field.
Click check availability.
Click on set username, mostly the page will stay blank . but the trick works and we are done .
Demo account :

2) How To Make Invisible Page on Facebook

For this you way to follow following steps to make Facebook page with no name,

First of all, click here to create your new Facebook page.
Select a Category. Example- Entertainment and after that choose a category.
Copy the code inside the brackets [᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌] and paste in the name field.
Click on I agree to Facebook Pages Terms and then Get Stated.
Above is two facebook tricks how to make invisible/hidden profile or page on facebook. If you want more best facebook tricks 2015, hacks share this post, stay connented for more facebook and other tricks, hacks and tips, if you face any problem feel free to discuss in below comments,

3) How to Verify Facebook Page or Profile 2015

Facebook Page Verification method only four type of verification of pages or profiles in 2015 which are :-

Popular Brand or Businesses
Government Officials
These are the four categories of pages or profile which can be verified by Facebook with the new method of verification facebook page or profile 2015. Suppose if you have any local business which is popular then Facebook may claimed your page if you are official. And then their is no need to submit any type of request to Facebook for page verification. They automatically claim your page as verified depend on some details and minimum requirements mention by Facebook.

If you have pages mentions above there will be chances to get your page or profile is verifiedand your facebook page must be official represent your local business or any personality and may be have some popularity on Facebook. when you create faecbook page fill all the real info about your or your business so facebook will get to know that your real person. you need to follow some instructions :-

How To Use Google Maps Offline 2015 (Ethical Hacking Course in delhi)

Method To Save Google Maps For Offline Use :-

Open your Google Map app in your android with internet connection on.
Now Navigate to the loaction or area which you want to save for offline use.
Make sure only the selected area will be saved.
Now selection option from three dotted button at right top corner of your app Or by pressing left button of your android device.
Now a square box will be appear on map.
Now tap and select the are which you want to access offline.
Now wait a while to activate the option done or save.
Now save the map with your desired name.
It will now download the complete map of selected area.
Thats it now you can access Google Maps without your internet connection of a particular selected are.
By this your Google Map of selected area will get saved in your phone memory.

Trick To Access Google Maps Offline 2015

First open the Google Map app and hen sweep the option from left.
Now click on Your Place.
If your data connection is available, then you need to scroll down to the bottom.
Find View all and manage.
Otherwise without the data connection, it will be available at the top.
There you will find your saved maps, Just tap it and navigate through it.

Area to be selected must be not too large .
The saved google maps data will get cleared after 30 Days.
Accessing Locations will be slow as app is not connected to internet connection.
Since no internet connection is there you will not be able to navigate through step by step navigation.

Monday, 9 March 2015

How To Hack Whatsapp Account 2015

This tutorial is just for educational purpose. All contents of this article are provided for information and educational purposes only.

In this post i will tell you the two methods by which you can easily Hack Whatsapp Account 2015.

#1 Method: MAC Spoofing - Hack Whatsapp Account 2015

Requirements for Android:

Rooted Android (How to Root)
Terminal Emulator
Requirements for iOS:

MacDaddy X or WifiSpoo
Steps To Hack Whatsapp by MAC Spoofing :-

First of all completely uninstall Whatsapp app on your phone.
Uninstall Whatsapp
Uninstall Whatsapp
Now obtain the phone of the victim whose whatsapp you want to hack.
MAC Address
MAC Address
Now note down the MAC address of the phone.
Finding MAC Address of Android
Finding MAC Address of Android
For Android, go to Settings – About phone – Status – WI-Fi MAC address.
For iPhone, go to Settings – General – About – WI-Fi Address.
For Windows phone, find this in Settings – About – More info – MAC address.
For BlackBerry, go to Options – Device – Device and Status info – WLAN MAC.

MAC adress is like  01:73:62:82:78:cd etc.

Now note down the MAC address your phone’s MAC address also.
Now we will change MAC addess of our phone for this you have to install a application.
Android user install the app :- BusyBox and Terminal Emulator.
Iphone user will install the app:- MacDaddy X or WifiSpoof.

Now open app, in the terminal, type ip link show to see a list of interfaces. Identify the one that has your MAC address — for this example, we’ll use the eth0 interface. In the terminal emulator, enter “IP link set eth0 address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX” and “ip link set eth0 broadcast XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX”, where eth0 is the interface you identified and XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX is your target’s MAC address. To check that you’ve successfully changed your MAC address, enter ip link show eth0.
Now Install the Whatsapp in your mobile and enter the victim mobile number in registering and then take the victim mobile and enter the code and delete the message from his/her mobile.
Thats it you are done . Now if you want to registered your mobile number back the simply change the MAC address to your Default MAC addres which you have noted before

How To Print From Android (Cloud Print) 2015

There are so many benefits of cloud printing in our day today life. Many of them are listed below.No printer drivers.No connections between printer and the device.No pairing of device with printer.No software program or app to load.Device and printer can be on totally separate networks.Device and OS agnostic.Works with BYOD (bring your own device).Everyone is always on the latest software version.Better security. Prevent unauthorized access and use.Central control of label templates and details.Label data is always current.Future-proof to work with any device.Live history of print jobs.Live monitoring of printer status.Live and remote printer updates.Reduced support.Automatic, immediate software updates globally.Supports mobility and off-premise printing.Manage user access on the fly.Supports easy setup, even by a non-technical user.Lower software costs.Minimizes IT resource requirements and infrastructure.Continual, ongoing support.Evaluate the application without a large outlay of money.Method To Print From Android 2015

Steps for Print From Android (Cloud Print) 2015 :-

In this method you will send a printing command from your android device with cloud print app of google play store and your computer that can be anywhere will print the file from the printer attach to it.

First Open Google Chrome Browser of your Pc.
At the righmost corner click on Customize and control google chrome (a button woth three lines just below the close button).
Now click on settings.
Now scroll down and click on show advanced settings… .
Again scroll down and you will find the option Google Cloud Print.
Click on manage and then add the add and manage printer on google.
Now Install the app Cloud Print from playstore in your android device.
Now in your app add your gmail account and printer (gmail account must be same in your pc and android).
Now open file manager of your android and click on share and select Cloud Print.
Now your file will be ready to print and now click on click here to print.

How To Print From Android (Cloud Print) 2015 – By this method you can easily print from android 2015. As we feel more convinient to use android phones rrather than laptops and Pc ,So this method will help you to print from any room of your home. You can print file weather you are on same wifi connection or at differnet networks. Don’t forget to share this post. Leave a comment if you face any problem at any step.

How To Remotely Access Another Computer 2015


#1 Method: Remote Computer Access Using Google Chrome

First Download the extension Chrome Remote Access in your Google Chrome.
Now this app will get added to your chrome and you can see it at rightmost top corner.
Click on it and click continue.
Now it will ask to allow access to data,proceed with allowing access to it.
Now it will ask ou to connect to another computer or share your computer.
Now if you click on share this computer then it will generate a code.
Send the code to the partner by whom you want to accessed your computer. Note that other computer must have same app installed on its computer.
Now your partner will enter he code and your desktop will get share to him exactly same as you can see yours.
By this anyone having access code can access your computer remotely and even you can access someone’s else computer by having access code of it.

#2 Method : Using Team Viewer

Team Viewer is very popular software to access any computer remotely.

Features Of Team Viewer:-

Remote Computer Access
Text Chatting with partner
Video Calling
Remote File Transfer
Screenshot Capturing
Lock computer screen
Steps To Remote Computer Access Using Team Viewer.

Download and install Team Viewer software in your computer. Your computer must be connected to internet.
Now it will display User Id and Password.
If you want your partner to access your computer then send him your user id and password.
If ou want to access someone’s computer then get the Username and pasword of Team Viewer of that computer.
Now click on Connect To partner and type User Id of partner and then it will ask for password.
Fill in the password and press enter.

Now it will start connecting your computer to another computer and finally you can remotely access any computer.
By this method you can easily have remote access over other computer.

How To Remotely Access Another Computer 2015 – So these were the methods to have Remote Computer Access 2015. By connecting remotely you can control your friend’s,employee and any of other’s computer and can even solve their problems by just siiting in front of your computer. You can also have Text Chatting and Video Calling by these methods.

Download Best Android Hacking Tools

#1 Tech Hacks (Site App)

Tech Hacks is a app for those who wants only Technology Tricks,Hacks and we provides you some Computer, Mobile, Android, Internet Tricks and Hacks etc. Here you will find Hacking Tricks, and Online Security Tips, New Ways to Utilize Technology Resources and lot more.

For example: Top and Best Android Hacking Apps, How to Hack/Secure Wifi or Wifi Hacking Apps, How to Hack/Secure Facebook, numerous ways of protecting yourself, rooting/unrooting android phones and so much more! We’ll take a look at a multitude of hacking software, tools and Hacking tricks 2015.

#2 The Android Network Hacking Toolkit

In the last Defcon conference a new tool has been released by a security researcher and the tool is called “The Android network toolkit”. The has been developed for penetration tester and ethical hackers to test any network and vulnerabilities by using their mobile phones. This toolkit contain different apps that will help any hacker to find vulnerabilities and possibly exploit it. The company behind the app is an Israeli security firm called Zimperium.

#3 Nmap for Android

Nmap (network mapper) is one the best among different network scanner (port finder) tool, Nmap mainly developed for Unix OS but now it is available on Windows and Android as well. Nmap for android is a Nmap apps for your phone! Once your scan finishes you can e-mail the results. This application is not a official apps but it looks good.

#4 FaceNiff 2.4 final- Session Hijacker for Android

Your Facebook account is at risk, just like a Firesheep (for firefox hacking) there is a FaceNiff for hijacking the session of famous social networking websites includes facebook and twitter. FaceNiff is developed by Bartosz Ponurkiewicz who created Firesheep before but faceniff is for android OS.

#5 AnDOSid- DOS Tool for Android

DOS or denial of service attack is very dangerous attack because it takes down the server
(computer).AnDOSid allows security professionals to simulate a DOS attack (A http post flood attack to be exact) and of course a dDOS on a web server, from mobile phones.AnDOSid is designed for security professionals only!

#6 SSHDroid- Android Secure Shell

Secure shell or SSH is the best protocol that provides an extra layer of security while you are connecting with your remote machine.SSHDroid is a SSH server implementation for Android.
This application will let you to connect to your device from a PC and execute commands (like “terminal” and “adb shell”).

Don’t Miss : Best Android Apps 2015

Best Android Hacking Tools 2015 – Note : This post is only for security or information purpose, But now the world is changing now your mobile is small hacking toolkit using these apps. Must try all these best hacking apps or hacking tools.

Reliance Free Internet Tricks March 2015 for #Android

Reliance sim works great with android mobile phone and give you great amazing speed on any states. So this method is only for android users.

Downlaod DroidVPN from Google Play Store.
Make your account on Droid VPN.
Login with your username and password in Droid VPN app.
Start with any free server and click on connect button. If all situations are right , you get free internet on reliance sim.
Reliance Free Internet Tricks March 2015 for #PC

Must Check : How to Use PD Proxy in Windows

Download PD-Proxy Software from Official Website. On thing I mention here always downloaded software from official website. Many site give you malware with software.
Make your account on PD Proxy Website and any E-mail ID.
Login with your username and password on PD Proxy Software.
Make sure your Internet is connected. It doesn’t matter your sim is recharge or not.
Connect with Demo Server 1 or Demo Server 2. It doesn’t matter .
Latest :-

Above Reliance Free Internet Tricks March 2015 for Android and PC are real working but limited Internet With this trick you get only 100MB/Daily free data. You can’t download file on torrents. If this trick is working in your states, I can advice you buy premium account. Premium account price is very low if you compare price with unlimted data. You can contact me for Premium account. This is real not a fake , you can direcly contact me from contact us page I feel very greatly to help you.

How To Bypass Online Surveys 2015


In this method we will use these two popular sites Surveybypass and Howtobypasssurveys to Bypass the online surveys 2015. These site will automatically remove all the scripts of the surveys and help you to get redirected to the orignal content page where you can easily download your desired file.

1) Using SurveyBypass Site:-

Open the website and paste the URL of the page where you are getting the surveys. Now click the Go button . Now this will get your file ready to downlaod and you can easily download that file by bypassing all the surveys.

2) Using HowToBypassSurveys Site:-

In the you will get the Tool To Bypass Online Surveys 2015. This will be of just 1Mb . Download and install it on your Pc and paste the URL of the survey page and you will get your file to download.

#2 Method: USING SURVEY KILLER APP – How To Bypass Online Surveys 2015

Survey Killer is a free utility tool that lets you download or access the required content without filling up the surveys 2015.In this you just need to put the URL in the Link Box and then Click on the Download File Button of the tool . Your file will be downloaded shortly.
PS: It works only on sharecash link. Download Link :- https: \

#3 Method : USING BROWSER EXTENSION – How To Bypass Online Surveys 2015

Open your Google Chrome browser and add the extension Bypass Survey.
Now this extension will get added to your Google Chrome browser at the right top corner. Now whenecer it detects the survey page it will automatically all the surveys scripts at the page and you can easily download your file directly without completing any surveys.

How To Bypass Online Surveys 2015 – So above are the best and easy methods to Bypass Online Surveys 2015.These methods will surely help you to bypass these surveys.  By this you can easily access the page where your actual file is located, and can easily download the desired software or file without completing any of the surveys and this will save your lots of time and data.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

10 Reasons Why PCs Crash U Must Know

Fatal error: the system has become unstable or is busy," it says. "Enter to return to Windows or press Control-Alt-Delete to restart your computer. If you do this you will lose any unsaved information in all open applications."

You have just been struck by the Blue Screen of Death. Anyone who uses Mcft Windows will be familiar with this. What can you do? More importantly, how can you prevent it happening?

1 Hardware conflict

The number one reason why Windows crashes is hardware conflict. Each hardware device communicates to other devices through an interrupt request channel (IRQ). These are supposed to be unique for each device.

For example, a printer usually connects internally on IRQ 7. The keyboard usually uses IRQ 1 and the floppy disk drive IRQ 6. Each device will try to hog a single IRQ for itself.

If there are a lot of devices, or if they are not installed properly, two of them may end up sharing the same IRQ number. When the user tries to use both devices at the same time, a crash can happen. The way to check if your computer has a hardware conflict is through the following route:

* Start-Settings-Control Panel-System-Device Manager.

Often if a device has a problem a yellow '!' appears next to its description in the Device Manager. Highlight Computer (in the Device Manager) and press Properties to see the IRQ numbers used by your computer. If the IRQ number appears twice, two devices may be using it.

Sometimes a device might share an IRQ with something described as 'IRQ holder for PCI steering'. This can be ignored. The best way to fix this problem is to remove the problem device and reinstall it.

Sometimes you may have to find more recent drivers on the internet to make the device function properly. A good resource is If the device is a soundcard, or a modem, it can often be fixed by moving it to a different slot on the motherboard (be careful about opening your computer, as you may void the warranty).

When working inside a computer you should switch it off, unplug the mains lead and touch an unpainted metal surface to discharge any static electricity.

To be fair to Mcft, the problem with IRQ numbers is not of its making. It is a legacy problem going back to the first PC designs using the IBM 8086 chip. Initially there were only eight IRQs. Today there are 16 IRQs in a PC. It is easy to run out of them. There are plans to increase the number of IRQs in future designs.

2 Bad Ram

Ram (random-access memory) problems might bring on the blue screen of death with a message saying Fatal Exception Error. A fatal error indicates a serious hardware problem. Sometimes it may mean a part is damaged and will need replacing.

But a fatal error caused by Ram might be caused by a mismatch of chips. For example, mixing 70-nanosecond (70ns) Ram with 60ns Ram will usually force the computer to run all the Ram at the slower speed. This will often crash the machine if the Ram is overworked.

One way around this problem is to enter the BIOS settings and increase the wait state of the Ram. This can make it more stable. Another way to troubleshoot a suspected Ram problem is to rearrange the Ram chips on the motherboard, or take some of them out. Then try to repeat the circumstances that caused the crash. When handling Ram try not to touch the gold connections, as they can be easily damaged.

Parity error messages also refer to Ram. Modern Ram chips are either parity (ECC) or non parity (non-ECC). It is best not to mix the two types, as this can be a cause of trouble.

EMM386 error messages refer to memory problems but may not be connected to bad Ram. This may be due to free memory problems often linked to old Dos-based programmes.

3 BIOS settings

Every motherboard is supplied with a range of chipset settings that are decided in the factory. A common way to access these settings is to press the F2 or delete button during the first few seconds of a boot-up.

Once inside the BIOS, great care should be taken. It is a good idea to write down on a piece of paper all the settings that appear on the screen. That way, if you change something and the computer becomes more unstable, you will know what settings to revert to.

A common BIOS error concerns the CAS latency. This refers to the Ram. Older EDO (extended data out) Ram has a CAS latency of 3. Newer SDRam has a CAS latency of 2. Setting the wrong figure can cause the Ram to lock up and freeze the computer's display.

Mcft Windows is better at allocating IRQ numbers than any BIOS. If possible set the IRQ numbers to Auto in the BIOS. This will allow Windows to allocate the IRQ numbers (make sure the BIOS setting for Plug and Play OS is switched to 'yes' to allow Windows to do this.).

4 Hard disk drives

After a few weeks, the information on a hard disk drive starts to become piecemeal or fragmented. It is a good idea to defragment the hard disk every week or so, to prevent the disk from causing a screen freeze. Go to

* Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk Defragmenter

This will start the procedure. You will be unable to write data to the hard drive (to save it) while the disk is defragmenting, so it is a good idea to schedule the procedure for a period of inactivity using the Task Scheduler.

The Task Scheduler should be one of the small icons on the bottom right of the Windows opening page (the desktop).

Some lockups and screen freezes caused by hard disk problems can be solved by reducing the read-ahead optimisation. This can be adjusted by going to

* Start-Settings-Control Panel-System Icon-Performance-File System-Hard Disk.

Hard disks will slow down and crash if they are too full. Do some housekeeping on your hard drive every few months and free some space on it. Open the Windows folder on the C drive and find the Temporary Internet Files folder. Deleting the contents (not the folder) can free a lot of space.

Empty the Recycle Bin every week to free more space. Hard disk drives should be scanned every week for errors or bad sectors. Go to

* Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-ScanDisk

Otherwise assign the Task Scheduler to perform this operation at night when the computer is not in use.

5 Fatal OE exceptions and VXD errors

Fatal OE exception errors and VXD errors are often caused by video card problems.

These can often be resolved easily by reducing the resolution of the video display. Go to

* Start-Settings-Control Panel-Display-Settings

Here you should slide the screen area bar to the left. Take a look at the colour settings on the left of that window. For most desktops, high colour 16-bit depth is adequate.

If the screen freezes or you experience system lockups it might be due to the video card. Make sure it does not have a hardware conflict. Go to

* Start-Settings-Control Panel-System-Device Manager

Here, select the + beside Display Adapter. A line of text describing your video card should appear. Select it (make it blue) and press properties. Then select Resources and select each line in the window. Look for a message that says No Conflicts.

If you have video card hardware conflict, you will see it here. Be careful at this point and make a note of everything you do in case you make things worse.

The way to resolve a hardware conflict is to uncheck the Use Automatic Settings box and hit the Change Settings button. You are searching for a setting that will display a No Conflicts message.

Another useful way to resolve video problems is to go to

* Start-Settings-Control Panel-System-Performance-Graphics

Here you should move the Hardware Acceleration slider to the left. As ever, the most common cause of problems relating to graphics cards is old or faulty drivers (a driver is a small piece of software used by a computer to communicate with a device).

Look up your video card's manufacturer on the internet and search for the most recent drivers for it.

6 Viruses

Often the first sign of a virus infection is instability. Some viruses erase the boot sector of a hard drive, making it impossible to start. This is why it is a good idea to create a Windows start-up disk. Go to

* Start-Settings-Control Panel-Add/Remove Programs

Here, look for the Start Up Disk tab. Virus protection requires constant vigilance.

A virus scanner requires a list of virus signatures in order to be able to identify viruses. These signatures are stored in a DAT file. DAT files should be updated weekly from the website of your antivirus software manufacturer.

An excellent antivirus programme is McAfee VirusScan by Network Associates ( Another is Norton AntiVirus 2000, made by Symantec (

7 Printers

The action of sending a document to print creates a bigger file, often called a postscript file.

Printers have only a small amount of memory, called a buffer. This can be easily overloaded. Printing a document also uses a considerable amount of CPU power. This will also slow down the computer's performance.

If the printer is trying to print unusual characters, these might not be recognised, and can crash the computer. Sometimes printers will not recover from a crash because of confusion in the buffer. A good way to clear the buffer is to unplug the printer for ten seconds. Booting up from a powerless state, also called a cold boot, will restore the printer's default settings and you may be able to carry on.

8 Software

A common cause of computer crash is faulty or badly-installed software. Often the problem can be cured by uninstalling the software and then reinstalling it. Use Norton Uninstall or Uninstall Shield to remove an application from your system properly. This will also remove references to the programme in the System Registry and leaves the way clear for a completely fresh copy.

The System Registry can be corrupted by old references to obsolete software that you thought was uninstalled. Use Reg Cleaner by Jouni Vuorio to clean up the System Registry and remove obsolete entries. It works on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE (Second Edition), Windows Millennium Edition (ME), NT4 and Windows 2000.

Read the instructions and use it carefully so you don't do permanent damage to the Registry. If the Registry is damaged you will have to reinstall your operating system. Reg Cleaner can be obtained from

Often a Windows problem can be resolved by entering Safe Mode. This can be done during start-up. When you see the message "Starting Windows" press F4. This should take you into Safe Mode.

Safe Mode loads a minimum of drivers. It allows you to find and fix problems that prevent Windows from loading properly.

Sometimes installing Windows is difficult because of unsuitable BIOS settings. If you keep getting SUWIN error messages (Windows setup) during the Windows installation, then try entering the BIOS and disabling the CPU internal cache. Try to disable the Level 2 (L2) cache if that doesn't work.

Remember to restore all the BIOS settings back to their former settings following installation.

9 Overheating

Central processing units (CPUs) are usually equipped with fans to keep them cool. If the fan fails or if the CPU gets old it may start to overheat and generate a particular kind of error called a kernel error. This is a common problem in chips that have been overclocked to operate at higher speeds than they are supposed to.

One remedy is to get a bigger better fan and install it on top of the CPU. Specialist cooling fans/heatsinks are available from or

CPU problems can often be fixed by disabling the CPU internal cache in the BIOS. This will make the machine run more slowly, but it should also be more stable.

10 Power supply problems

With all the new construction going on around the country the steady supply of electricity has become disrupted. A power surge or spike can crash a computer as easily as a power cut.

If this has become a nuisance for you then consider buying a uninterrupted power supply (UPS). This will give you a clean power supply when there is electricity, and it will give you a few minutes to perform a controlled shutdown in case of a power cut.

It is a good investment if your data are critical, because a power cut will cause any unsaved data to be lost.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Method To Change Ip Address In Mac OS X

Click on Apple logo at right top corner of  the desktop.

Select system prefrences from the drop down list.

Select the network icon from there (the icon with silvered colour).

Now select the network which you want to connect either wifi, broadband or any other network.

Now click on advanced grey coloured button.

Now select TCP/IP  tab at the top.

Now  select the Using DHCP with manual address option from the drop down menu to the right of Configure IPv4.

Now enter the ip address you want to set.

Also enter subnet mask there.

Now click on grey Ok button at right and click on apply button.

By this your ip address will be change and now your all network working will have that ip address . You can also revert back the settings to automatic that will set your ip address that will be provided by your network

How to Boost and Increase Your Internet Speed 2015

Steps  to boost up Internet speed 2015

#1 Method – Limit Reservable Bandwidth

As Internet user are increasing day by day,Internet bandwiths get divided and result in slow down of internet spped. Also there is some bandwith always remain reserved in our computer .These bandwith is for system use which is allocated to system by default. This bandwith includes 20-30% of internet speed of the total speed of connection.Now here is the trick by which you can Unallocate this reserved bandwidth and can enjoy high speed internet by this internet booster technique. How to Boost and Increase Internet Speed 2015

Steps to edit limit reservable bandwith:-

Click on start and type “gpedit.msc” (without quotes) .
Now a Local policy group editor dialog box will open.
Now click on Administrative Template folder at left side in the dialog box.
Now select Network option at the right side of the box.
Now click on Qos packet schedules from the right list under settings.
Double click on the file Limit reservable bandwith.
Now a limit reservable dialog box will appear it will show Not configured by default.
Click on Enable and set the Bandwith limit % from 20 to 0 and click on Ok.
Thats it you are done this will unallocate or free the reserved bandwith . And you will enjoy high speed boosted internet. This Internet booster trick will increase your internet speed upto 20-30%. Without this bandwith reservation there are many other factors which can slow down your internet speed. These may include an outdated softwares like antivirus and many more background running processes. You can stop such processes by opening task manager(ALT+CTRL+DEL) and ending that process. This will also Boost up and Increase Internet Speed 2015

#2 Method – Manging Cache

Caches are the temporary stored internet data which are used by browsers like Internet explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox etc to open any site faster after visiting any site. This cache gets store automatically to your computer. Although caches are designed to speed up your internet speed but sometime it can slow down the internet speed when they exceeds beyond the limited size. In that case we have to clear the caches to speed up an internet.

Steps to clear the cache to increase internet speed 2015 :-

Open Internet Explorer and press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE .
Select the Temporary Internet Files , History and Cache data. Clearing history data will help you to stay secure on some hacking attacks. So i recommend to clear them also.
Click on delete.

Now this will delete all your temporary Internet data ,history and  cache data from your computer. By this your internet speed will get boosted .

Sunday, 1 March 2015

How To Change Your IP Address 2015 in Windows

Method To Change Ip Address In Windows :-

Steps to change ip address in Windows :-

Click on start and then control panel.

Select Network And Internet.

Click on Network and Sharing Centre.

Select Change adapter settings at left side.

Now Right click on the network which you are currently being connected.

Select properties.

Double click on Internet Protocol Version 6(TCP/IPv6).

Click on Use the following IPv6 address:

Now type any Ip address which you want to set.

Double check the Vlidate button at bottom and then click OK.

Thats it you have changed your ip address. Now your system will have new ip address assignedby you. Now every packets sent to Networking layer will have Ip address which you have changed.You van also revert back the default ip adress by repeating upto 7th step and then clicking Obtain an Ipv6 address automatically and then clicking ok.

How to Find Lost Android Mobile 2015

You can find your misplaced mobile or tab.You can erase data in your device from any where

Helps you to trace your lost device.
Lock your device from anywhere.

Steps to Find Lost Android Mobile 2015 :-
First of all, using your android device navigate to security settings > device administrator.
Now tap on it and activate if it is off.

Note: I suggest you to do this step right now because device administrator must be activate to take advantage of Android device manger.

Now go to Google Play Store.
You can find Gear icon at right side top.
Now Click on Gear icon then you can find three options My Order, Settings and then last Android device manager. Just click on Android device manager.
As soon as you click on android device manager it will find the device with which it is associated.
As soon as Android device manger find your device it will show you on Google maps. It will also indicate how far is your distance from you.

You can find three Options:

Ring – If you click on Ring then your device mobile or tab will ring though it is in silent mode.This feature fails when device is switched off.
Lock – If you click on Lock then it will lock your device and you can get new password to access your device.
Erase – If you click on Erase then total memory in that device will be erased automatically.Make sure once you click erase then all the data will be deleted including android device manager so it wont work again.That’s it Guys I am sure this will help you a lot ! So don’t forget to share it.If you have any problem just comment below we will help you out.