Thursday, 20 November 2014

How to Find Who is Copying Your Website Content

Every Blogger trying to write a good content, which you can find only on his/her website. To get a high traffic and good Alexa rank. But some people don't have a skills to write a good content and trying to copy from other websites. But first of all they a bad traffic from search engines and low Alexa rank.
So there are a method to find who is copying your website content. And warn him/her to remove post, or add a link of your website after post.

) Go to website and in the text box enter your website URL.
2) After that press on the Go button.
3) After, you will get a list of websites which have a same content as your website.
4) Now you can go to that website contact page and warn fro content copying.

"Hackers Dont Copy They Steal!!"~ Every Hacker Saying

How to Create a Undeletable and Unrenamable Folders in Windows


Go to Start and then Click on Run

Type cmd and hit enter 

Remember you cannot create Undeletable & unrenamable folder in your root directory (i.e. where the 

windows is installed) That means you can't make this kind of folder in C: drive if you installed windows on C:

Type D: or E: and hit enter

Type md con\ and hit enter (md - make directory)

You may use other words such as aux, lpt1, lpt2, lpt3 up to lpt9 instead of con in above step.

Open that directory, you will see the folder created of name con.

Try to delete that folder or rename that folder windows will show the error message.

How To Use Pendrive As Ram Of Coputer

This is one of the best-known trick that allows you to use your Pen drive as a RAM for your system, so as to increase the general boot up speed and also the operational speed of your system. It can be possible with any kind of Windows operating system, and all you require is a pen drive of at least 1GB memory ( Better be a 4GB one ).

1. Insert your Pen drive
2. Wait for the PC to detect the pen drive.
3. After detecting it, Right click on My Computer–> Properties.
4. Go to Advanced–> Performance Settings.
5. In it Advanced–> Change.
6. Select the Pen Drive & click on Custom Size.
7. Check the value of space available
8. Enter the same value in the Initial and Max columns.
9. Now restart your PC.
Now, check the general start up time and also the speed of your PC. It should have increased and the speed depends on the size of your Pen drive. Thus, you just used the space of Pen Drive as a Virtual Memory.

2) INCREASE Speed of Pen drive (Optimist Performance)


1. Plug in your Pen-drive to your Computer’s USB Port.
2. Browse to My Computer, and right click on your Pen-drive’s drive and click on Properties.
3. Click on “Change Settings”.
4. Choose for Better Performance and Click OK!
So simple! You have optimized your pen-drive’s speed!

3) Troubleshoot Undetected Pen drive

Sometimes, when you insert your Pen drive on your system, it may not be detected automatically. This usually happens with some newly brought Pen drives & it’s a usual problem that we all will have experienced at some point of time. Some people may think that their Pen drive is not functioning at all and tries to dump it. But before you do that, you may try this simple trick. It may or may not work in some systems but this is a simple procedure to make your undetected Pen drive to be detected.


1. Plug in the pen drive on the system.
2. Go to device manager (or type “devmgmt.msc” in the run).
3. Click on “Universal serial bus controllers”.
This will show all the storage devices that you have connected to your PC including your undetected pen drive.
4. Right click on your undetected pen drive and click uninstall.
5. Remove your pen drive and restart your computer.
6. Connect the pen drive again.
In most cases this is known to work, so you may also try this before throwing off your undetected Pen drive.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Blacklisted Hacking countries

1. China
The Chinese may not always guilty, but have a share of 41% of hacker attacks. Just one year before the Republic of China was responsible for only 13% of
cyber attacks according to Akamai, and share in the third quarter was 33%.

2. U.S.
Every tenth hacker attacks worldwide originated in the United States.

3. Turkey
Bronze medal for Turkey, accounting for 4.7% of global cyber crime.

4. Russia
Russia is considered to defuse the situation from 6.8% to 4.3% October-December 2012.

5. Taiwan
Taiwanese are responsible for 3.7% of computer crimes at the end of 2012

6. Brazil
Brazil registered a decline of hacking attacks - from 4.4% at the end of 2011 to 3.8% in the third quarter of 2012 and 3.3% - in the fourth.

7. Romania
The seventh is Romania with a share of 2.8%.

8. India
India is responsible for 2.4% of hacking attacks worldwide.

Italy's share falling to 1.6%.

10. Hungary
Hungary is responsible for 1.4% of cyber attacks in
late 2012

Safety Tips To Follow While Using WhatsApp By iSARG Technology Lab.

Never send private information like bank account details, PINs or passwords through WhatsApp.

Never accept files or begin downloads from messages sent to you by strangers or unknown numbers.

Never respond to suspicious messages that come through from unknown numbers.

WhatsApp as a service will never contact you through a WhatsApp message. Never trust any message that claims to come from WhatsApp and demands some payment for the service.

Some scams say they can connect your PC with WhatsApp and send messages from a desktop. Do not believe these as this is not possible.

Keep automatic downloads disabled so that you can always keep a check on what is being downloaded.

Avoid using WhatsApp when you are connected to open Wi-Fi networks. These are hunting grounds for malware authors and data sniffers.

Always keep an updated antivirus security solution installed and updated on your mobile device.

How To Post Blank Status/Comment On Facebook

In here we will guide you through step by step on how to post blank status or
blank comment on Facebook.

Step 1 : Login to your Facebook account

Step 2 : Click on Update Status to post blank status or find some post to publish blank comment

Step 3 : Press "NumLock" key to near the top left keypad to enable numeric keypad.

Step 4 : Hold down "Alt" key on your keyboard and type 0173 on the numeric keypad

Step 5 : Click Post or Press Enter and you will see blank status or blank comment.

"Note : This not only work with status and comment but it also work in chat too."

26 People Who Changed the Internet Forever...

1. Sir Tim Berners-Lee – World Wide Web

2. Vint Cerf And Bob Kahn – TCP/IP

3. Larry Page and Sergey Brin – Google Inc.

4. David Filo and Jerry Yang – Yahoo! Inc.

5. Bill Gates – Microsoft

6. Steven Paul Jobs – Apple Inc.

7. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

8. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen – YouTube

9. Linus Torvalds – Linux

10. Jack Dorsey – Twitter

11. Kevin Rose – Digg

12. Bram Cohen – BitTorrent

13. Mike Morhaime – Blizzard Entertainment

14. Jimmy Wales – Wikipedia

15. Jeff Preston Bezos – Amazon

16. Shawn Fanning – Napster, Rupture

17. Pierre Omidyar – eBay

18. Jack Ma – Alibaba

19. Craig Newmark – Craigslist

20. Matt Mullenweg – WordPress

21. Thomas Anderson – MySpace

22. Garrett Camp – StumbleUpon

23. Jon Postel – Internet Pioneer

24. Caterina Fake – Flickr

25. Marc Andreessen – Netscape