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Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015
                                                                        Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015

Hello Friends, Today we will learn about how to disable app notifications in android phones. Android’s user base is increasing multiple folds day by day, so the app’s on the android play store. Most apps issue notifications to help users to know the status of app but sometimes users get annoyed by seeing lot of notifications on their phones. I think most of you are already aware with the fact that App Notifications drain your battery i.e. eats up your battery juice.

You might have noticed that when you connect your phone to internet, lot of notifications start appearing on your phone and that is really irritating. Find below a simple set of steps to turn off app notifications in just 4 steps.

Steps to disable App Notifications in Andorid Phones:

1. On any unwanted notification appearing in your notification bar, press on the notification for 2-3 seconds.

2 . This will show a message box showing APP INFO as option.

3. Click on App Info and uncheck the “show notifications”.

How to disable App Notifications in Android Phones

4. This will result into popup “Turn off Notifications”. Just click on ok and you will not get notifications from that Android App again.

That’s it Friends, this is how we can turn off or disable App Notifications in Android Phones.

If you want to enable notifications again just, go to manage apps and enable the notifications again.

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