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Top 20 Facebook Tricks, Tips and Secrets 2015( Ethical Hacking Tricks)

Etical Hacking Tricks
                                                            Ethical Hacking Tricks

Facebook is a social networking site where users can register and exchange messages. It is well deployed social network where millions of people around the world join together. You can share Pictures, Videos, Files, and Messages to your friends and others. You can send friend request to anyone or accept anyone's request. It is very easy to use and really addictive for this generation of teen. You can create your own user profile with user name and cool Display Picture.  Ethical Hacking Tricks They also allow you to have a timeline of yours where you can add Pictures, Videos and other multimedia as usual.. As everyone know How to basic things on Facebook, Here we will Share some of the Latest Working Facebook Tricks which make your facebook more interesting. There Tricks are well researched by our team all Tricks working. So let’s Go through these tricks once and use in your Facebook account.

1.Latest Facebook [ FBlogin ] Tricks and Tips -2015
latest Facebook Tricks, Tips and Hacks 2015 which we update on our blog. This collection Facebook how to increase Facebook page likes easily. You must read this important tricks to increase Facebook page likes free 2015

2.Facebook Update a Blank Status - Amazing Facebook Trick
Trick to update blank status:
Now you can update your Facebook status as blank.first login to your Facebook account.
now enter @[3:3: ] in your status box
if you want to update your blank status as long statement the paste the code again below the code just like below
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]

3.Post animated (.gif) images on Facebook:
Many other Social networking websites like Google plus allows you to Share animated gif’s images which really looks pretty Cool, but if your daily Facebook you would be knowing that gif images are not allowed on FB. Don’t worry here is the trick to Post gif images on Facebook:-

Simple visit giphy website.
Now select a animated gif image which you want to post on FB.
Paste the image the link on Facebook Status and Voila its done !!   Ethical Hacking Tricks

4.Download Facebook posts and Photos - Backup Posts and Album
We might be sharing much of our interesting pics and status on FB.Sometimes we need to make backup copy of our FB data which is really a good thing to do. So, Facebook actually allows us to download our data which will include our all time FB posts and Albums. To download your Facebook posts and status we have to follow below guide.

Click on Settings Page > General Tab> Select " Download a copy of your Facebook Data" Now you can download your Facebook Data in a zip file extension and save it on your computer or Mac.

5.Create Fake Facebook Likes, Comments and Status using Wall Machine
Wall Machine is a awesome website which allows us to make Fake Facebook status and conservation easily.You may add fake likes, comments and much more to it.Try it yourself and fool others with this awesome trick.
  Ethical Hacking Tricks
  How to Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page
Facebook profile is different from Pages. You may create separate Page and Profile. After sometime you might want to change your profile and convert it into a Page which is seemingly easy. DO you want to know how you can do this
Firstly you have to go to Facebook profile business page migration from Here
Then chose a category for your page and fill necessary details
Next click on agree terms and rules
Then click on Finish
Now you have successfully converted your Facebook profile into a page
  Invite all your Facebook friends to like your Page at Once
Facebook allows you to send request to your Friends to like your page which is quite a good one. The only problem is it takes to much time to request all your friend using their method.,I will show you how you can invite all your friends to like any of your FB page in no time.
go to Console of your browser area
then copy/past the below code
var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i

6. How to Hide your Status Update from Anyone
Sometimes your FB friends will be so annoying. SO you might be wishing they won't access your status again. I will show you how you can avoid such annoying FB friends. You can do this trick using their privacy settings for status update.
Go to custom settings before posting your status and chose your friends name in " Hide From" list
Now your friend can't access that Status update

7. Download your Photo Album easily
We share and save out Albums with lots of pictures on Facebook. We can hardly remember them being there. If you want to download your whole photo album you have to follow my below step. I will be showing you how to download your Facebook photo album in seconds.

You have to go to Facebook2Zip.com from here
Then login using your Facebook account
Then select the album to download and click on download button
Now you can download your photo album in zip file

8. Schedule your Facebook Posts and Status
 Life has become very busy and really stress fully. You might not gather time to update your status to any posts at proper time. So, you have to scheduled your posts before an never think of it again .We will be using some of the apps which will help us to post our scheduled posts on Facebook as our need. Below are the online apps which we can use for our scheduling of FB posts.


9. How to make your profile Pic Unclickable
You profile pic is what extols you every bit. You would not like every one of your friends clicking onto your Pic and watch it. It’s better to be in small DP size over timeline. SO, I will guide you how to make your DP UN click able.
First you have to got your Facebook timeline
Then hit on your Benefactor DP
Your DP will open in a new tab and click on top edit button
Then set your privacy policy to " Only Me" and click on done editing

10. Make your Facebook pictures Video
Have you ever thought of making all your Facebook pictures into a Video. Yes, it would be really good to make a video of all pictures. You can easily glimpse all your Facebook pics till now.
Go to Pixeable.com from Here
Login to your Facebook account and create your Video

11. Convert your online web browser to Mobile version Facebook
So have you tried to fool your friends saying that you’re on mobile FB not on web. Then, I will teach you a method using which you can be online from mobile even when you are on web version. This will easily change your FB status from web online to mobile online.
Go to your Facebook address in web version ex. www.facebook.com
Change www to M and click on enter ex. m.facebook.com
Now you can use mobile FB version using computer

 12. Delete your Facebook Account
Most of the people think hat de activating or deleting their Facebook account is of great use. Like wise man said once everything is worth something .You might get some time to spend rather than pulling on FB.

SO to delete or De activate your Facebook account click here
You can change your decision within 14 days

13. Download Facebook Videos for free

You might come across many Facebook videos daily. Some of them might be really good and you would like to save them. But you don't know how you can download any Facebook video online. Then follow this guide which extols this process.

 Firstly you have to go to FBDown.net from Here
 The enter the url of the Facebook Video and click on download
 Now you can easily download Facebook video from online 

14. Find who has unfriended you on Facebook
Facebook users can un friend anyone from their list. If you want to know who has un Friend you from their friends list then follow this guide.
Go and download Unfriend notify for Facebook add-on
This add-on will show who has un friend you .
It is available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers

15. How to read any Message and be undetected - Hide seen mark
Most of the times you don't want others to know that you have read their messages. But Facebook features of seen messages restricts you from doing this. I will be showing you how you can read any message and be un detected.

Download and Install Facebook Unseen Add-on
It is available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers
You can easily be unseen even after reading messages

16. Restore deleted Facebook Messages and Image
Simple Login to your facebook account and head towards general setting page through this link.
Now Click on Download a Copy of your Facebook Data
At the very next page a Download archieve button will be visible, Click on it and they might ask you to enter your FB password again, Just enter it.
When you click on Submit button and you will see download link for your data will be sent to your email id.
Now log in to your mail account and download the archive from the link which you received in your mail.
That’s it..!! Extract or Unzip the file and there would all information of your FB account such as messages, image, videos, etc.

17.Cool Facebook Chat tricks:
Send your Friends Cool messages in different Style like Upside down or flipped text and many more.
Visit this website from your Computer browser.
Now here type your desired text in dialog box and choose appropriate style.
Now Simple Copy the text and post it to FB status and it will appear in different style.

18. Visible Online for Whom You want:
Now you can visible online for whom you want.By using this trick you can chat with only with the persons whom you want.
Just go to Advanced chat settings by clicking on Gear icon below chat bar.

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