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Top 10 Android Spy Apps and Software (Ethical Hacking tricks 2015)

Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015

                                                                     Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015
Are you a concerned parent trying to understand what your kids are doing with their Android device? Android spy apps help you to find out, who has been calling your kids, investigate what they have been up to lately or determine if they are being honest with you. There are a number of great android spy apps and software readily available to execute your wishes and help you achieve any spy task you need accomplished.

Most times, the services that these apps offer don’t come cheap, but it can well be worth the cash if after all these software helps you do what you want – spy! Android Spy apps will mostly be capturing (and forwarding to your email address) text messages that the subject of spying receives or sends. You will also be able to eavesdrop on conversations or capture both photos and videos without anyone recognizing that you are so doing. In this post, we have listed the top 10 android spy apps that you don’t want to miss on your android mobile, phablet or tablet PC.

1. MobiStealth – from $19.99Mobistealth

MobiStealth is a great parental control app for android that comes at different costs and packages depending on what you specifically need to do. Here’s an official introductory video from Mobistealth company:

The Stealth Spy

With sophisticated innovations and updates, this android spy app is cool for recording and spy calling. Mobile Stealth enables you to directly interrupt calls that might be of harm to your kid or anyone else important to you. Ranked top by most child internet safety advocates, the mobistealth mobile spy app will be your best companion when it comes to protecting your kids from cyber bullying, online predators, social media mishaps and pornography. Once installed, mobistealth starts working directly and sends you information regarding the:

Call details
Browsing history
Complete SMS Data
Real-Time Location of the subject user eve when GPS isn’t working
Pictures or videos send or received
Actual call recordings
The cheapest package that you can get with this spy app (with minimum features enabled) starts off at 0.5$ a day.

2. mSpy – from $39 to $499

mSpy is one of the most reliable and good looking spy apps for Android. This spy app has multiple packages for you to select from. They all range differently in price and functionality but provide a consistent and solid service. Whether you are a business owner or a caring mother, you will appreciate what mSpy has to offer.


Clean and easy to use interface.
Track calls, texts and location easily.
Remotely record calls.
Notable Feature:

An advanced keylogger is included in mSpy. This allows you to uncover what the targeted smartphone user types. Yes, this can also potentially reveal their passwords.

 3. Spyera – from $189 to $389

Spyera is one of the best spy software on Android when it comes to user experience. Intercepting calls and ambient listening are fluid and easy to execute. Viewing multimedia files including pictures, images and videos is quite easy as well. Live call recording is a great feature which allows you to record the calls as they happen. Location tracking, calendar tracking and instant messaging tracking are also available on this spy app for Android.


Ambient listening enables you to listen whenever you want.
Read SMS, emails and instant messages easily.
Check address book and read contacts.
See what the user is searching on the web via history.
Notable Feature:

The sends a notification when the targeted user changes the SIM card. This way you will know when the person is hiding something.

4. The One Spy – from $18 to $140

Looking for a reasonably priced spy app for Android? The One Spy is the right app for you. While all of the spy apps for Android in this list are capable of doing the right stuff, the One Spy does it in a good price. You can track the phone location easily and it will be displayed on Google Map for accurate representation. The app will also allow you to track messages across multiple platforms including WhatsApp and Viber. Want to know which apps are being used by the target user? The One Spy will readily state which are being used and at what time.


Track location and see it on map.
View messages from social networks and apps.
View photos taken by the smartphone.
See photos received from any source.
Notable Feature:

You can easily view all the data remotely with an online One Spy account. Simply open the portal and you will be presented with all the information right there on one spot.

5. Phone sheriff – Currently discontinued

Phone Sheriff

Howdy partner

Phone sheriff is not much of a spy app than a parental control one. But it has some great safety features which will allow you to monitor your child’s phone activities. There are two versions of the app available; one is for parents while the other caters to businesses. Both of them may have minor changes regarding the scope and payments but both of them can be used to monitor and regulate the use of smartphones. The app can block SMS and calls, it can block web access and it can also restrict app usage. With Phonesheriff installed on a smartphone, you will be able to take control of almost every situation. Is your kid spending too much time playing Candy Crush? Or are your employees giving away business secrets? With the Phonesheriff around there won’t be any shenanigans.


Block SMS and calls to the target phone.
Record SMS, calls and GPS locations.
Create time restrictions to control the timings of blocks.
App and web filtering.
Notable Feature:

This app is without a doubt the best weapon against sexting. If you are worried that your child may be accessing pornography or involved in unethical chats with strangers, this is the best app for you.

6. Mobile Spy – Currently discontinued

Mobile Spy is a classic android spy app that gives you access to calls, text messages and other personal data on android smartphones and tablets. More importantly, with this android spy app you will be able to access the control panel of the subject android device, live. This means that you can even go ahead and block some apps running on the target device. Here’s a detailed video review from DailyAppShow.

All in all Spying

This ultimate android spy application, Mobile-Spy additionally gives you access to  Whatsapp and Facebook conversations made on the target android device. To add to the list of capabilities that this spy app puts on the table for you, you also get access to emails and GPS locations updated using the Google maps on the target smart phone. The Mobile-Spy android app can be easily installed on the target mobile within just 2-3 minutes, and immediately starts capturing spy data and recording it on your web account. If you suspect that your employees are leaking away company secrets, or that your kids are texting away the whole night and deleting their texts later on, this android spy application captures all the data and uploads it for your perusal even before it can be possible to erase it.

 7. TopSpy – Discontinued

Just as the name suggest, TopSpy is a top spy when it comes to ease of use. The app has all the features you may require from a through spy app. From getting text messages and call logs to tracking Facebook and Viber activity, TopSpy can do it all. You can gain access to all the calls made and even record them as they happen. You will no longer have to worry about your children doing something irresponsible with TopSpy installed on their smartphones.


Easy installation.
Can access emails and installed massagers.
Track location in real time.
Notable Feature:

Text messages from the phone can be accessed easily. That’s not all though, the app can also collect messages from Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and even Facebook.

 8. StealthGenie – Discontinued

Are your kids up to something which might be dangerous? You have to check their smartphones but there is nothing on them? Well install StealthGenie on their phones and get access to all their messages and emails. Sure this will be a little intrusive on their personal privacy but if it saves them from something harmful, it can be easily justified. With StealthGenie installed on their phones you will be able to intercept messages and chats directly and see what is going on with them.


Listing to phone calls live and also record them.
Views call history of their phone.
View and read SMS and even see deleted messages.
Check where they are any time with GPS location service.
Notable feature:

StealthGenie allows you to listen to phone surroundings. This is a very handy feature to turn on when your kid is not answering your calls.

 9. RioSpy – Discontinued

If you are in the market for a fast and easily installable spy app for Android then RioSpy is a great one for you. The app installs on only 5 minutes and can give you almost full access to a target smartphone. From SMS tracking to identifying GPS location, the app does it all. By using the remote control panel you will be able to read contacts and even monitor internet usage.


View instant messages from third party apps.
Read SMS, even the deleted ones.
View calls history even if it is removed.
Notable Feature:

RioSpy allows you to send SMS commands to the target smartphone. The commands SMS are not visible to the user and will allow a large degree of control.

10. InnovaSpy – Discontinued

InnovaSpy is another good spy app for Android which uses advanced mechanics for snooping. From tracking the smartphone’s location to recording text messages, the app can do it all. Are you doubtful of your kid’s faithfulness towards you? Well it’s better to be safe than have your heart broken down the road. We understand that installing apps on your kid’s smartphone is bit on the grey side but let’s face it, you need to know if they are safe. By installing innovaSpy on their device, you can have the peace of mind.


Read phone SMS remotely.
View contacts in the contact book.
See all the photos captured.
Check app usage.
Notable Feature:

You can remove or uninstall the app remotely. This feature comes in use when you don’t have easy access to the smartphone.

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