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command prompt Ethical Hacking Tricks |Secret in Window xp | Vista | Window 7 | 8

 Ethical Hacking Tricks2015
                                                           Ethical Hacking Tricks 2015

Command Prompt is the one of most powerful tools for the  Windows so in easy word it’s a GUI based operating system .most of the people ignore that but  with the help of command prompt you can do many think like hacking .so here are some most used full command’s .

Open your command prompt  then Go window then search simple cmd

 1.Watch THE ASCII version of a Star Wars movie

so for all who are big fan of star wars movie, so then it’s simple trick just enter in the command prompt then just type telnet

2. Know your IP add, DNS Server add and a lot more

with the help of Command Prompt you can easily fine the IP ,DNS server , host name , node type IP routing and wins proxy just type the ipconfig /all

3. Know that if the any neighbors are using your Wi-Fi connection

You can find with the help of command prompt that someone using your internet follow these step
Command Prompt can let you know if someone is connected to your Local Area Connection and then using it. Just follow the steps.

1) Open the browser and visit a or its depending on your router ip.

2) Then Find a tabs that are mentions with the “Attached Device” or  like similar.

3) Now you can find the IP address,the computer name, and the MAC add

4 ) now finally you can Compare it with those displayed by router in Step 2.then If you are notice that someone strange devices so  then you’re neighbor has been using your internet .so then in this case change your setting like password

4. If hacker is hacking your computer so the Trace the Hacker
If you are interested to find that hacker so then using the command prompt you can find the hacker so then just execute netstat –a so then it will show the computer name that was connected with your computer . so now you can find the person easily.

5. Use Abort a Command

If you any command can be stopped so then just enter ctrl + C then you can change you line easily.

6. Hack the Prompt Text.

if you interested to hack the command prompt title so then its easily hacked
just enter the prompt like this prompt hacked by Rohit Saini

7. Customize your Command Prompt Title Bar

So know you want change the command prompt title so its very easy just enter the title
Like title Rohit Saini

8. Some Function From the Command Prompt
So this is just function from the command prompt like just go in the command prompt and then left click on that then you can see that there are some function like Mark, copy, select, paste and find so with the help of this function you can copy, select, mark and paste easily

9. Get help for the command prompt

Well let’s say you don’t know about the some command of this so then you can take simply you enter the cd/? For help so then work easily

10. Chat with your Friends with Command Prompt

Hello my reader now you can chat with your friends easily with this simple trick . so then you just need you friend IP and your command prompt

1.     Open the office word or notepad  and paste this code

@echo off
set /p n=User:
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%
Goto A

      2.     Now save this file with the “messenger.bat” then open your command prompt.
      3.     Drag the file (.bat file) over to the CP and then press enter.
      4.     So then CP show you the messenger and user
      5.     So in the user field you just enter your friend IP
      6.     So after that just enter you message want to send your friend

So this is a simple trick to chat with the command prompt so start chatting with him or her

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