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The 4 best apps to video call with your Android in 2015 (Ethical Hacking Training In delhi)

There are several apps to video call with your Android smartphone or tablet. Android Planet chooses his four favorite apps and calls per app on why you just should use this app.

Video calling the upcoming years will be really big. Currently, the technology is mainly used by people who live far apart, but together we still want to see. With the emergence of faster and cheaper mobile internet video calling possible the replacement of the ‘normal’ Internet calling via VoIP, via the WhatsApp call feature  is gaining prominence.

The four best free apps to make video calls with Android
hangouts-icon Hangouts is the official messages app from Google, which also makes it possible to call people via VoIP and video calling.Video calls Hangouts are useful primarily because almost anyone with an Android phone using the service. After all; if you have a Google Account, you also have a Hangouts account.The quality and use of data, however, are somewhat disappointing. So the video quality is not very well, and consume the service relatively much data. The advantage of Hangouts is that the app is used by a huge audience as well as very easy to use. Do you mainly advantage of it. If you prefer more quality, you better look for another app. It is thereby possible with the app to add all kinds of crazy effects while video calling, including a pirate hat or crown on your head.
Download Hangouts on Google Play


Viber updater is perhaps a bit of an unknown name in this list, but the service does have hundreds of millions of users. Via Viber can send messages, keep VoiP calls and start video calls. The quality of the video calls is okay and not take a lot of dates. Also desktop apps are available, which you can also via Viber video call from your computer or laptop. One drawback: because Viber is not so well known, many people have to tell you about the app to video call them actually using the software.

 Download Viber in Google Play (free)


Skype is the most famous app from the list, and for several reasons. Thus, the verb ‘Skype’ actually become a concept for video calling, since the service first video call was really simple.However, the mobile experience of Skype was a long time not good, so the app does not much was downloaded from Google Play. Until the end of 2014, when Microsoft carried through some important changes. Thus, the video quality of calls and the stability of the video calls drastically improved, and is also the design taken in hand. Although Skype does consume the vast majority of MBs, it is the best app for video calling with. In addition, many have a Skype account and you can carry a fine way group video calls, without the quality that greatly suffer.

 Download Skype in Google Play (free)

tango The app with the best design is the least known. That’s the story of Tango, in particular in Asia a popular app is only in Europe not really a wide public. Tango video calling works surprisingly well and the quality is still agree too, just use Tango also something more data than, for example Hangouts and Viber. An interesting feature of Tango is the ability to play games while video calling, ranging from chess to butter, cheese and eggs. It is thereby fun while gaming directly to see the reaction of your opponent.

Download Tango in Google Play (free)

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