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How To Hide Photos, Videos On iPhone 2015 – iPhone Hacks(Ethical Hacking Training In Delhi)

There are tow methods by which you can easily hide your photos and videos in your iPhone, one is by third party app and another by without any app.
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#1 Method : Without Using Any Third Party App

Today there are no. of app there available by which you can secure your data with password, but in this method i will tell you a trick by which you can easily hide any photos etc in your iPhone.Just follow the below steps.

First of all open the photo library on your iPhone (or i Pad) and tap the photo that you want to hide.
Now tap on “Edit” and then tap the “Crop” tool at the bottom of the screen.
Now drag the corners of the cropping box inside such that a very small portion of the image is visible inside it.Ethical Hacking Training In Delhi
Now just save the cropped version and it will replace the original image in your camera roll and no one will see the whole photo.

#2 Method : Using Third Party Apps

Below are the best 5 iPhone apps that will make your data private that is you can only access the data with a pass code that you will set.

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is one of the best free applications to protect your personal photos and videos by password/pattern-locking. This feature-rich app allows easy album organization by allowing you to transfer images and videos from iPhone’s photo app to your new protected album. All you need to do is select photos you want to hide and password-protect them on your private album.

 Gallery Lock Lite

Unlike other apps, Gallery Lock Lite lets you put the app icon in “Stealth Mode,” so it doesn’t appear on your phone. If you opt for this feature, you’ll have to access the app by typing in an asterisk, your password and pressing “Call.” Gallery Lock Lite will also catch a photo of any intruder with your phone’s front-facing camera after three failed password attempts.

My Secret Folder

My Secret Folder is a great app that can help you keep your stuffs like photos private by allowing you to add a passcode. The application can be used for saving any information like photos, contacts, notes, videos, clips, songs and even movies. The application also offers additional feature by letting you know if someone tried to access your private photos but ended up entering wrong pass code. The app will also take their photo and save on your phone for you to know about the incident.


This is the one of the best iPhone data safety app which provides much privacy to all the user data.It has a nice little private camera feature that lets you take pictures and hide them directly into the app–no need for these pictures to spend any time unprotected.


Today almost everyone is familiar with this service. Drop-box provides an online storage of data which gets save in your account and you can access that data anywhere at anytime in your device. Also you can sync data of multiple devices.
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How To Hide Photos, Videos On iPhone 2015 – So above are the two methods for How To Hide Photos Videos etc On iPhone. By using these methods you can easily hide your private data to be accessed by the any other person. And also this will safe your data from any other unauthorized access. Don’t forget to share this post and tell us the method except above that you prefer to use to hide iphone data.

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