Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How To Use Google Maps Offline 2015 (Ethical Hacking Course in delhi)

Method To Save Google Maps For Offline Use :-

Open your Google Map app in your android with internet connection on.
Now Navigate to the loaction or area which you want to save for offline use.
Make sure only the selected area will be saved.
Now selection option from three dotted button at right top corner of your app Or by pressing left button of your android device.
Now a square box will be appear on map.
Now tap and select the are which you want to access offline.
Now wait a while to activate the option done or save.
Now save the map with your desired name.
It will now download the complete map of selected area.
Thats it now you can access Google Maps without your internet connection of a particular selected are.
By this your Google Map of selected area will get saved in your phone memory.

Trick To Access Google Maps Offline 2015

First open the Google Map app and hen sweep the option from left.
Now click on Your Place.
If your data connection is available, then you need to scroll down to the bottom.
Find View all and manage.
Otherwise without the data connection, it will be available at the top.
There you will find your saved maps, Just tap it and navigate through it.

Area to be selected must be not too large .
The saved google maps data will get cleared after 30 Days.
Accessing Locations will be slow as app is not connected to internet connection.
Since no internet connection is there you will not be able to navigate through step by step navigation.

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