Friday, 13 March 2015

How to Find Server IP of Any WebSite - Reverse Ip Lookup 2015

Here are tips to Find Server IP of Any WebSite – Reverse Ip Lookup :-

There are many methods for Reverse Ip Lookup 2015. Best 4 methods out of them are listed below.

#1 Method: Tracing Ip Address Of A Site Using Command Prompt:-

In this method basically ping commands works for us to locate ip address of any site. Actually ping command works ICMP protocol which are made for servers address. Hence this command use to locate the server address.

Click on start and type cmd and then press Enter.
Now command prompt will gets open.
Type pind Site name (for exp ping
And press Enter.
Now this will show you the Ip address of the site and all trip details of the site location.

#2 Using Terminal In MAC Or Linux :-

Terminal is like command prompt but it is in the OS MAC and in Linux. In this we can type commands like we did in Cmd. Now in this terminal you will loockup for Ip address of any site using simple command.

Open terminal by pressing CTRL+ALT+T ok keyboard at once.
Now type ping -c1 sitename (for exp:- ping -c1
Now same as in above method this will display ip address of the server of techhacks.

#3 Using Network Utility In MAC:-

Open Network Utility in your MAC.
There you will find an option ping click on it.
Now enter the address of the site which you want to Reverse Lookup for IP  in the text field box.
Click on ping button.
This will ping the site automatically and ou will get the Ip address of the site server.

#4 Method: Using Online Sites For Reverse IP Lookup 2015:-

There are also many online which provides you the ip address of server of any site without using any software or any command. You just have to paste or type the URL of the site which you want to look for ip address. And the site will provides you the full details of the site.

Open the sites like and paste the URL of site which you want to lookup for server address.
Click on Web Ip lookup Button.

By this the site will display you the full detail of that site.

How to Find Server IP of Any WebSite – Reverse Ip Lookup : Actually these methods are used when there is a need to Retrace any site which involves in some activities which we want to know about . Also sometime this Reverse Ip address Lookup 2015 method is used to track the hackers and also to detect some of phishing sites which may involves in some illegal activities on internet.

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