Sunday, 28 December 2014

Top 6 ‪#‎White_Hat_Hackers‬ In The World

Stephen Wozniak, The Great Woz, as many hackers call him, moreover, he is “the second half” of Steve Jobs and Apple empire, became as an icon and inspiration for many people, who never lost interest in computer technology. What did he actually do? It is well-known today that he made free long-distance calls possible exploring so-called blue boxes, at the time, when high technology has made its first baby steps. Nevertheless, one should accept that Woz is an independent developer and worked for the good of people. Currently, Stephen Wozniak is preaching charity and provides new technologies. One can truly say that Stephen Wozniak made a difference in this world and he deserves to be called as a white hat hacker.
#‎2_Tim_Berners-Lee :
Tim Berners-Lee is well-known around the world as fonder of the web we use - World Wide Web. No wonder that this man invented his first computer using iron, as they say necessity is the mother of invention. Doubtless, his innovating had led him to becoming a president of the Open Data Institute in 2012.
#‎3_Linus_Torvals :
Linus Torvals created Linux operation system, which many of us use. At the beginning, this system was about to be called as Freax, using the combination of words “ freak” and “free”. Luckily, nowadays we know it as Linux. As Linus himself once said that all he wanted to have fun doing something he really enjoys. This seems to confirm the idea that it is the great result of having fun!
#‎4_Tsutomu_Shimomura :
Tsutomu Shimomura is also a very good example of a white hat hacker. The bottom line is he tracked down another hacker – Kevin Mitnick, who actually was a black hat hacker. However, later on he has entered the ranks of white hats. Tsutomu Shimomura caught Mitnick with flying colors hacking Mitnick’s phone. Good job catching “black knight”. Currently Shimomura is CEO and CTO of Neofocal System.
#‎5_Richard_Matthew_Stallman :
Richard Matthew Stallman is known also by his initials – RMS. His policy is to give users freedom of usage software as well as education, freedom of voice and choice. He has developed Free software foundation, GNU project, which allows use computer and its devices for free
What is more, RMS is a founder of copyright concept. Among the list if his merits are 14 doctorates and professorships.
When it goes about technology and computers, most of the time we mentioned men. Women weren’t pathfinders in this area, however, they have done enough to be mentioned among outstanding white hats. Thus, this smart lady could hide root kits in software and hardware and to make them invisible to a naked eye. One must admit the talent of he woman. To draw the conclusion, one can say that enumerated people have brought its own contribution in foundation and innovation of computer technologies. Until the world has such brainy “white knights”, its save.

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