Thursday, 20 November 2014

How to Find Who is Copying Your Website Content

Every Blogger trying to write a good content, which you can find only on his/her website. To get a high traffic and good Alexa rank. But some people don't have a skills to write a good content and trying to copy from other websites. But first of all they a bad traffic from search engines and low Alexa rank.
So there are a method to find who is copying your website content. And warn him/her to remove post, or add a link of your website after post.

) Go to website and in the text box enter your website URL.
2) After that press on the Go button.
3) After, you will get a list of websites which have a same content as your website.
4) Now you can go to that website contact page and warn fro content copying.

"Hackers Dont Copy They Steal!!"~ Every Hacker Saying

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