Thursday, 26 June 2014

Run Win XP on Android Devices By iSARG Uttam Nagar

Now You Can Run Win XP on Android Devices

Hi !! Guys now i am going to tell you How to run Win XP on Android Devices ?

Now you can run Windows Xp on your Android Mobile phones in very simple Steps..!!
The process doesn’t requires any technical knowledge and is easy to follow. It will not take much of your time to get all done,however it may vary from computer to computer as if you are using Pentium 4  Pc then even god can’t speed up the process… ;)
If you are thinking whether my phone will be able to run windows Xp or not then let me assure you with certain things 1)It has nothing to do with the ram that is available on your phone 2) Neither with your processor!!Why do this?
Just to impress your iPhone friends…
Honestly though ..there is really no purpose …it;s super slow and well…just really slow and a great battery killer..But still fun. This can work on your phone and tablets.

Lets get started..!! 


Things you will need:

  • Boot able Windows Xp iso copy
  • Qeme Manager for Pc
  • Blank image disk
  • Bochs for android
Firstly download and install “Bochs for android” on your phone,then extract the zip folder named “” to your SD card.
Download and install Bochs for your PC
Download and Install Qemu Manager for your PC

  • Installation

Open Bochs in PC from start menu and click Disk image creation tool. When Disk image Creation Tool will open type hd, then flat, then enter 1500 however you can change the space and finally enter “c.img” and hit ENTER.

  • Open Qemu manager
We have to create a new virtual machine
Click on VM and enter any desired name and hit next
Now you can alloacate any amount of ram you so desired and click next and finish

Now you have to specify your blank image file, so go to drives

Then hard disk 0.
Find your image file(usually its in program file>bochs>go down to all files>c.img)

Now , what would you do is find windows XP  iso by clicking CDROM

Now you run the virtuall machine hit play button and if everything is fine win XP will be installed,it may take 45 mins to an hour..install windows Xp with Ntfs file system

After finishing installing Windows XP , Stop the virtual machine by going to stop button and confirm dialogue box will appear and click yes
Now copy the c.img which is in  program files>Bochs folder in your SD card in SDL folder, if you already have c.img then overwrite it for new img file.

Finally copy the below code and copy it to the bochsrc.txt which is in your Sd card’s SDL folder
megs: 256
cpu: count=1, ips=6000000, reset_on_triple_fault=1, ignore_bad_msrs=1
# filename of ROM images
romimage: file=BIOS-bochs-latest
vgaromimage: file=VGABIOS-lgpl-latest
vga: extension=cirrus, update_freq=25
pci: enabled=1, chipset=i440fx, slot1=cirrus
ata0: enabled=1, ioaddr1=0x1f0, ioaddr2=0x3f0, irq=14
ata1: enabled=1, ioaddr1=0x170, ioaddr2=0x370, irq=15
ata0-master: type=disk, path="c.img"
#ata0-slave: type=disk, path="d.img"
#ata1-master: type=disk, mode=vvfat, path=/sdcard/HDD, journal=vvfat.redolog
#type=cdrom, path="CD.ISO", status=inserted
boot: c
config_interface: textconfig
#display_library: x
# other choices: win32 sdl wx carbon amigaos beos macintosh nogui rfb term svga
log: bochsout.txt
sb16: enabled=1
mouse: enabled=1
sb16: wavemode=1, dmatimer=500000
clock: sync=none, time0=1
mouse: enabled=1 sb16: wavemode=1, dmatimer=500000 clock: sync=none, time0=1
You can change the highlighted value depending on your phone ram
Now lets run windows XP
Open Boch Application on your phone and if everything goes right it will show Bios screen and it will start booting Windows XP.
It will not be fast as your computer so be patience and it will take around 10 min to  load the screen!!

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