Saturday, 24 May 2014

Windows Hacking – “Breaking LSA: The BIOS Password” By iSARG Uttam Nagar


Today I’m gonna teach you to hack the LSA  (Local Security Authority) and access the victim’s system. Before starting with this you must read my previous article Windows Security Architecture, so that you have a basic idea on how this works and what must be your next step to gain a complete access into the victim’s computer. Having a recap, LSA is your BIOS password which is your very first security level on your Windows Operating System (OS).

Here, after reading this article you will be able to break the BIOS password, and then reach the next security level that is your SRM – Security Reference Monitor. I will be only discussing on breaking LSA, breaking SRM will be covered in upcoming posts!
So let’s get started with BIOS hacking…

Firstly, you need a complete physical access to the system’s hardware so that you can apply the geek stuff on it and bypass the BIOS. Now you might ask me “Do I need to open my CPU…?”  I must “Yes! You got to.” So now get some screwdrivers and open up your CPU.

Note:  Try this at your own risk, you might get into a serious trouble if you happen to commit even a small mistake. It is advisable to avoid direct contact to the motherboard, use some kind of tools such as a tester or a screw driver to perform this trick.
Here come the trick!

Open your CPU and search for circular battery on your system’s motherboard. Mostly it will be silver in colour and known to be as CMOS battery. Do not touch this with bare hands.

Switch on your system! It will ask for the BIOS password, now you gotta take out the CMOS battery out.

Hang on for few seconds, about 60 seconds and you will notice that your BIOS login screen is bypassed and you will reach the Windows starting screen.
You are done

But remember that once you entered the BIOS go to “maintenance” and Clear all passwords!

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