Thursday, 15 May 2014

Top 5 Must Have Best Google Chrome Extensions 2014

Do you want to know best Google chrome extensions,then read article carefully.Basically extensions are also called plugins.These extensions or we can say plugins helps us to save our time and we can do smooth and easy browsing with the helps of extensions.Before Google Chrome ,Firefox gives option for extensions(add-ons).But after launching of Google Chrome,it becomes very popular world wide so for users compatibility they also launched different extensions to their users.So friends here I’m going to share you most important and free best Google Chrome extensions of 2014 to save your precious time and gives you a better browsing environment.

Free Best Google Chrome Extensions 2014

As its name appears,this extension is used for blocking unwanted or unnecessary ads which showing while we browse or search on internet.It is very annoying when someone read particular article or watching some videos and suddenly some images appears and take our intention to them.These ads also took more internet time to load a page.So it is must have extension for all the Chrome users,specially for the slow internet users.Because it disable the unwanted ads and increase site load time


Clearly is created by Evernote and it the best plugin if you are online reader.It clears and clean blog’s post,webpages so a reader can read article clearly without any distraction.A user can save that article to Evernote (Clearly ) and read anytime.It better our online reading experience and also it is a free extension to use.It is the second must have plugin for chrome users

LastPass Vault

Best Google Chrome extension for all online users.Privacy should be the first priority of any internet user.LastPass is free online password manager and automatic Form Filler that makes our browsing  secure and more easier.We can store our password and other information and it also fills information automatically in any information needed forum or page.

Awesome Screen Shot

Awesome Screen Shot can helps us to capture any image,portion or entire web page.If you want screen shot of anything over internet than use this free Google Chrome extension.The best thing of this plugin that you can edit the screen shot and get sharable link through it.Means no need to download the screen shot and re-upload it.Also it supports .PNG format and support very large files

FVD Downloader
Now download any your favourite video clip from internet in just one click.Yes now its possible,there are many other ways to download video online through different tools but this extension helps you to download your video in a single click.Is it damn simple ? Keep in mind that this extension doesn’t download YouTube videos because of Google Chrome’s privacy policies but their are severals of website through you can download your video through this extension

So friends this is the top 5 must have best Google Chrome extensions in 2014.I hope you will install them and will make you Chrome easier than before.If you have any question or if you want to tell your best Google Chrome extension then feel free to comment here.Till than stay tune with us

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