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Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops In The World 2014

Hello guys today I’m going to show top most expensive laptops,these laptops are the  sign of our great technology,this is the outstanding revolution and best ever developing phase of IT  world and  science .Today technology has change the way of our lives,now we are totally get dependent on our devices such as smartphone,gadgets and computer/Laptops,we gets  in touch with all our relatives,friends and kin with the help of these devices all the time.But these most expensive laptops can handle large amount of work and data easily.

In this technical era ,we are fond of these technical devices and spent lots of money  to buy them,these most expensive laptops can handle so much workload in no time and provides you fast processing.Below I’m gonna show you list of  top most expensive laptops,so read this article with full consciousness.

List Of Most Expensive Laptops

1.)Acer Ferrari 1100

Acer Ferrari 1100 is one of the most expensive laptop and it is very light in weight .Its price is $3000.It comes with very  elegant and delicate structure that cover with resistant carbon fiber.This is very famous because of its outstanding texture and it fulfill all requirements of user.Its major features are it comes with 4 GB RAM and X2 dual core processor.It establish user friendly environment and support good battery.

Price- $3000

2.)Dell M6400

The another most expensive laptop is Dell’s production ,its total price is US dollar $3000.But it fulfill all requirements of user.Basically it is a notebook type laptop.It comes with great design structure and best outlook.It support graphic card that is pre-loaded with 1 Gigabyte It comes with so many another tremendous features that enchanting user.


3.)Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV660

It comes with 2GB RAM  and it support 2GHz Dual core processor.Its price is US dollar $3500.Basically its a Japanese company that manufacture this good quality of laptops.Its design layout is really good and it can handle multiple task  at the same time.It has large display panel of 17 inches with HD-DVD driver.It is fully multi-purpose device.


4.)Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS

Lenovo Thinkpad is comes with large display is about 17 inches,it is equipped with  2.53 GHz processor and 4GB RAM.Its price is around $4500.It is according to the user’s specifications and you can watch videos,do lot of work  and can handle large amount of work easily.


5.)Rock Xtreme  SL8

Rock Xtreme  is another best device of  modern technology,it support  8GB RAM and it is best one for play games.It is well equipped with Intel core 2 quad processor.Its price is about USD $ 5,000 and comes with good design layout.No doubt that it is expensive laptop but for sure it fulfill whole specifications of user.


6.)Alienware  Area 51

This is another great achievement of modern technology  in the world,its price is $5000.It support HD  requirement and also light in weight.It support processor of Intel Core 2 and 2GB of RAM. It is modern and advance device that satisfy users.


7.)VooDoo Envy H:171

This one is the most elegant laptop from the list of most expensive laptops.It support 4GB RAM and display of 17 inch with good resolution.It comes with 250 Gigabyte (GB) hard disk and along with it beautiful outlook and great design.Its price is $8500.It comes with 7 in 1 memory card reader.

8.)Tulip  E-GO Diamond

It comes with elegant and extremely sensual layout.Its price is  about $355,000,that is expensive but really great device.It comes with  2GB of RAM and support webcam,bluetooth.It is looks like a  stylist handbag  and well equipped with 160 GB of hard disk.

This is also one from the list of  most expensive laptops,that comes with MP3 player  and it price is around $10,00,000.It support solid state drive of 128 GB,this is most expensive laptop in the list of most expensive laptops.It has LED display of 17 inhches that is cover with anti glare  along with 128 GB of disk space.

Price- $10,00,000

10.)Ego For Bentley

It is also most expensive laptop in this list of most expensive laptops,it cost is about $20.000. USD.iT HAS 160GB  hard disk and its good thing is its extremely elegant design layout,basically it is just for a fashion stuff.It comes in ten more colors  with sleek ultra look.


So friends these were the list of  Most Expensive Laptops that can amazed anyone,if  you have any query regarding this then comment here below and we will contact you as soon as possible.Your sharing is vital for us so keep sharing your ides with us.If I missed out any thing then let me inform and share your transparent thoughts with us.

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