Thursday, 1 May 2014

How To Create a Booklet in MS Word 2013

Microsoft Office is a very powerful tool in the world of today. These programs have over the time of years improved in a way that the earliest versions of the same seem like a very different program from the version that we see today. For instance, the earliest Microsoft Word was so much more different from today’s version of the same. Today the program can do more than just create documents in them. Many are unaware of the fact, but the Microsoft Word can be used to do many things including posting to the blog directly and even convert a document to PDF.

One of the newest features that have been added to the 2013 version of Microsoft Word, is that of creating a booklet. Well, some may even ask – why would one need to create a booklet? To them, one may say – there are plenty of reasons why being able to create a booklet. It can help in many things. These may include from writing projects for students, creating a dinner party menu, creating an invitation for an event etc. For whatever reason one may decide to make a booklet, being able to make it is easy and also it can be really helpful, since anyone who has a computer also has MS Word at his / her disposal. Here is the method to be followed –

To get started with one needs to be prepared with certain things. First, start the MS Word 2013 program and then open a new blank document. This will be the booklet once it’s finished with. Then click on File.
Once the file scroll down menu appears, a set of options for the printer will come up. From them you have to go to Page Setup.

A new small window will pop up. Then go to the Pages section, and in that in the Multiple pages section select Book fold. Just below it, in the Sheets per booklet section – set it to All.

Now, once these settings are done – you will have to set the Gutter size as per your requirement. The Gutter is the space between the text printed and the fold of the booklet you are preparing. Once this is done, go to Settings and click on OK.

Once all these settings are in place, it’s time to create the booklet content. Unlike Word 2010, where all the alignment and other such things were to be set right by the user, Word 2013 takes care of this itself. In fact, even if one merely copy-pastes something, Word 2013 sets it in the alignment as required by the booklet.

Once the content is in place, one more important step is to be followed before your booklet is ready. Click on File and select Print. If you have a printer that can print on both sides then just go ahead and print the booklet. If not, then next you need to Pages and change Print One Sided to Manually Print On Both Sides.

Now print your booklet. You are ready with a booklet that can be used for the purpose it is printed and it will look a lot more attractive now that it is in a form of a booklet.

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