Tuesday, 6 May 2014

How to Block Facebook on PC/ Laptop (Windows Xp,7,8)

Do you ever think how to block Facebook in my pc ?As we all know it very well that Facebook has  became really very popular and famous among peoples whether its a young peoples or old.But especially teenagers and children love it a lot and slowly it became as addiction.After that it happens that we get used to of it and we just want to access it.Due to this parents of children gets upset and panic.So for that parents there are  solution,that they can block Facebook on your PC.In this way they can prevent access of Facebook.

How To Block Facebook On PC:

Here the easy steps by which you can learn how to block Facebook On PC,read below mentioned steps.

First that you need to do,Go on Start  option
Then go on Programmes.
Now on Accessories.
After open Notepad as Administration.
Now go  on FILE > OPEN and it will open Host File.
Now locate following address as  C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
Now type below lines in host file login.facebook.com www.facebook.com
Now just Save that host file  and that’s it.

Now you have block Facebook on PC,now just open any browser and try to access or open Facebook if it will not get open it means you have done right but if it works it meas there is some wrong thing.

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