Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Best Ways to Read Articles from Web on Kindle

Kindle was first launched in 2007 and ever since, Kindle has emerged as a raging favourite among book-loving enthusiasts and avid readers. Amazon introduced a series of e-book reading devices that allows readers to read e-novels, browse and download e-books, magazines, comics and blogs. You can also shop for e-books on your Kindle. Much of the credit goes to its e-ink feature that is formulated to behave exactly like paper but causes minimal strain on your eyes unlike other electronic devices.

The Kindle is all about the reading experience which is why you will find no camera mode or a splash of fancy colour on your display screens. As you prepare for a weekend dedicated to reading, the black and white monochrome will make sure that you are transported back into those old days of reading from hard-cover books. With other basic features of note taking and image viewing, Kindle is rightly touted as the smartest e-reader in the current tech market.

Although the Kindle is adept at being a perfect e-reading device but the E-ink feature makes web browsing a tedious process, But it may not be such a hassle anymore, if you follow one of the simple fixes given below. Do not waste time waiting for high-definition pages to load on your device as it is better to send yourself a minimal version of the same article or web page which contains the main text body and the title.

In order to read articles from the web on Kindle, you can try any of the following methods -

Step 1:

The first step you can take is to install the official Amazon ‘Send to Kindle’ extension which allows you to send any web page to your Kindle device. The extension can be downloaded on both, Chrome and Firefox browsers. After having installed the extension, all you need to do is log into your Amazon account and choose the device you want to send the article or web page to. It is also possible to send articles to multiple devices at one go. Once you have selected the devices, click on Save.

Step 2:

What if you wish to read plenty of articles and sending it one by one through the Send to kindle will practically take ages? Fret not as the solution for this is pretty straight forward. You can send all the articles in a book form through Read lists which is a project by Readability wherein it is possible to add endless number of links which will then generate simplified black and white version of the pages and consequently, package it into Epub or mobi format that can be downloaded or emailed.

Step 3:

The easiest way without installing extensions and applications is by simply emailing the files, articles and books to your Kindle device. Then the Kindle software will scan the attachment and verify the compatibility with your device. Microsoft Word (Doc, Docx), HTML, Jpeg, Gif, Bmp, Pdf, Mobi and Epub are the various compatible file formats that work well with Kindle.

With these few simple steps, you can read articles from the internet on your Kindle effectively.

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