Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Best Mobile password Manager By iSARG Uttam Nagar

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 Right from your email id’s to your digital wallet on an average you need to store more than 10 passwords. Apart from this many sites and applications also sent you their passwords if you register there. You definitely need a password fortress to manage this sensitive data and these password manager apps can make your life a little easy.

Dashlane Mobile Password Manager

If you are someone who uses internet on multiple platforms then “Dashlane” can be an ideal choice for you. Here you need to fill the data form once and it will update the entries on all other platforms when you order it to do so. You can also save your driving license and other documents here. The most important feature is the easy navigation. When you open it shows you all the passwords and related logins and you can directly launch an application from here. It is an ideal password manager because of its dashboard like display.

Keeper Mobile Password Manager

“Keeper” is an ideal password manager for those who wants to keep it simple. Here you have buttons allocated to each category like, internet, wifi and cloud data. You can directly access the desired area. You can synchronies it with multiple platforms easily and save your time of multiple entries if you want. It has a powerful browser as well from where you can directly launch your journey to a particular site. “Keeper” also have this self destruct model where it can self destroy all the data if anyone will try to break it with the help of a password breaker.

Norton Identity Safe Mobile Password Manager

Form the prestigious house of Norton; this is a product that carved a niche for itself. There are some amazing features that may be useful for you. One such feature is creating identity cards. Here you can create various identity cards and fill various forms from each identity card. It can save a lot of time for you. Here your personal data is exclusive and yet is accessible at the same time. There are some flaws as well, for example if your master password is weak then it will not notify you about that. It is a standalone program and you can’t import much of the data to other programs from here.

One Safe Mobile Password Manager

Ideal for iOS platform this password manager can also be termed as the next generation password manager because here you can store the data by simply clicking a picture. It has all the regular features and very fast in operation and very simple to manage because of its tree like structure. But it’s affinity with multiple platforms is not good. Android version and windows version may leave you asking for more. However with a 256-bit AES encryption you can term it as the available best option for iOS platform.

Data Vault password Manager

If you are a user who treats PC as the war room and other devices as the posts then Data Vault password manager can be ideal for you. It has a different screen on your desktop where you can manage each and every thing in finest details and it has a separate sleek version for your mobile phones where you can work really fast.

The market is flooded with many password managers. Most of them carry almost similar features when it comes to service but one should check them on multiple platform connectivity, safety features and then make a choice about them.

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