Monday, 12 May 2014

10 Facts about Apple in 2014

As we all know Apple is among the world’s largest companies. It’s having holding over cash of $150 billion. It is also a tech titan due to some other eye popping facts about the company.

Now we will show you Apple’s latest quarterly results to give you 10 facts that show how big Apple really is.

More sales then Google Amazon & Facebook

Google, Amazon, and Facebook – All of these three’s combined sales are also less than Apple’s in first three months of 2014, as it generated $43.7 billion in sales.

More profit in lesser sales

Apple sold one quarter as Samsung twice as many phones, but Samsung creates the same amount of revenue, and much less profit. Apple earns $13 billion and Samsung earn $6.3 billion.

More revenue of iphone compared to Microsoft

In Jan-March period Apple’s iPhone business earned $26 billion in revenue and at same time Microsoft’s entire business earned $20.04 billion. The iPhone is growing faster than Microsoft.

iPad earned three times more than Facebook

In a down quarter iPad earned $7.6 billion, while Facebook did $2.5 billion in last quarter. In thenpast 12 months also FB generated $8.9 billion in revenue.

Apple’s 1st quarter profit more than Amazon’s 20 years’ profit

Net profit of $10.2 billion for the first quarter of Apple is more as compared to Amazon’s last 20 years profit.

Capable to buy Facebook, Twitter, Tesla etc and still have change left

At present Apple has $150.6 billion in cash, If it wishes it can buy Facebook at its current valuation with cash; or it can buy Netflix, Tesla, Twitter, Dropbox, Pandora and Spotify. After this shopping also it will have still $59 billion in cash to spend on anything else it wants.

Holds more credit cards info than any company in the world

It has credit card info more than any other company in the world. Apple consists 800 million iTunes accounts, which give credit cards information of its owner.

Gets more users than Twitter

In the last six months Apple added 60 million new users while twitter added only 23 million new users.

Net profit of Q1 in Apple is more than that of Exxon Q4

Apple’s net profit is higher than Exxon’s fourth-quarter profits. It is also 14th highest in history.

Its iTunes also give more profit than Netflix

Q1 sales of Apple’s iTunes/software division are $4.57 billion. While for the last 12 months, Netflix did $4.37 billion in sales.

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