Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Use Whatsapp without Using Your Mobile Number By iSARG Uttam Nagar

Now you can use whatsapp without your mobile number,just do follow steps
First  download whatsapp on your device after that it will sends verification text to their server

Now just switch your mobile phone to flight mode or change your mobile message center number

Now after opening the app say to you to verify the app by alternative method

Then Choose “Verification Through Sms” Option and put your email address

Now the game start begin,Click on the “Cancel” just after putting email address

It will creates error in email verification method.So click on “Cancel” just after putting email address

Now Spoof the message (Google it )

After spoofing you will receives messages on your spoofed number

That’s all now enjoy your Whatsapp without using your number

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