Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Types of hackers

Many people think, hackers are bad guys. They're wrong!
There are three kinds of hackers:
Black Hats:
The Black hat hackers, also known as Crackers, are the ones who deface websites, steals private information and mainly are doing illegal activities. They can be inspired by numerous of reasons. The most popular reasons are political, offensive or just for the fun. These hackers can have a hard time, finding a job. If you get caught be the feds (FBI and such), you'll most likely face jailtime. If anyone knows LulzSec, these guys are one of the most popular Blackhat groups known, along with Anonymous and such.

Grey Hats:
Grey Hats are also reffered as prankers. These hackers enjoy pranking and can be very annoying. They might be helping you with problems, while they're causing more damage. These hackers aren't evil, but just likes a good laugh. If they aren't cautious or their pranks are hurtfull by any means, they can/might be facing jailtime.

White Hats:
These are the good guys. White Hats dedicate their time to fight Malware. You can easily trust these hackers. They'll more than likely get a good paying job like programmer or adminstrator etc. White Hats are able to help you with all kinds of questions. These can also be spotted by their reputation on forums. They're respected and make everybody happy.

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