Friday, 11 April 2014

How to calculate mortgage payments using Windows 7 Calculator

Hey friends, welcome back! Today iSARG has came up with another easy to use trick or simply say tip about windows 7 calculator. Most of us, almost daily uses windows 7 calculator to do simple or complex arithmetic functions. Have you ever noticed that windows 7 calculator is not the same as that Windows XP.

Microsoft has provided lots of extended features in windows 7 calculator but most of us are unaware of that.
You will be surprised to know that we can calculate House mortgage payments or simply say EMI's, Vehicle lease payments and other stuff using Windows 7 Calculator. Ahhha..if you already know then its really great and if not then don't worry today i gonna explain you step wise how to calculate Mortgage payments or vehicle lease payments using windows 7 calculator.

Steps to Calculate Mortgage Payments or Vehicle lease using Windows 7 Calculator :

    Click the View menu, point to Worksheets, and then click the worksheet for the calculation you want.
    Under Select the value you want to calculate, click the variable that you want to calculate.
    Enter the known values in the text boxes and then click Calculate.

You can use the Fuel economy, Vehicle lease, and Mortgage worksheets in Windows 7 Calculator to calculate your fuel economy, lease payments, and mortgage payments etc..

I hope you all have enjoyed the latest tip about windows 7 calculator. If you have any queries regarding this tip then don't hesitate to ask.

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