Friday, 11 April 2014

Cool Mozilla Hacks | Hacking Mozilla Firefox

Hello Friends, Today i am sharing with you the latest hacks explored by me in Mozilla Firefox. I love to explore new things and see what happens, i discovers loop holes and cool tricks. I guarantee you that you have never tried to think in this fashion. So guys lets enjoy the latest mozilla hacks explored by iSARG Uttam Nagar

1. Browser In browser and again browser in browser and so on...

Enter the following string in to your Mozilla Firefox address bar and see what happens


I think you entered just once now enter again in the new browsers address bar and continue enjoying it.. Below is the snapshot of this hack:
latest mozilla firefox hacks and tricks
Browser in Browser hack in Mozilla Firefox

2. Special Effect Scrolling Mozilla Firefox
You will really love this effect...little bit irritating but its isoftdl special by Lokesh uff LoneRusher or Destructive Mind....Just type below text in address bar of Mozilla..


3. Display Cookies without any Cookie Manager
You can view cookies directly in Mozilla Firefox just by entering below text in the address bar..


4. Check history of Mozilla Firefox directly through URL
Ahhah...Alternate way to view history in better way.. Just enter the below text into the address bar to see the History of visited websites....


5. Display all your bookmarks
We can view our bookmarks directly using below URL in address bar..


6. Advanced Tab using URL
You can directly view the advanced tab in firefox using below URL..


7. Advanced Javascript settings:


8. Setting for clearing History and Cookies and other stuff..


9. Change or view Font Settings in Firefox


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