Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Steps to Hack Facebook account or Password

1. Download the Latest Facebook Phisher

2. Extract the files, you will get below 4 files:


3. Now go to any free web hosting web server to upload these fake pages.
Note all should be uploaded at root means not in any folder. Just at first level directory.

4. Now you need to find the correct IP address of the account you have created on web hosting server.
5. When you get you fake page's IP address, now what we need to do is that we have to add the entry of the IP address against the www.facebook.com in victim's host file located at below location.


6. There are several ways of doing that, i have written my own php scripts for doing the same but i cannot share that with you guys because there are chances of misusing it. So i explain you the logic and rest you need to figure out how you will edit victims host file and append your Fake Page IP address against www.facebook.com.

7. Now after doing steps 5 and 6, whenever user open the www.facebook.com, your fake Facebook page will open and victim will never be able to visit the original Facebook, so he cannot even been able to change his password...:P

8. I have added an extra logic to my scripts, whenever victim enter the password and hit enter button, i am removing the entry of Fake IP address against www.facebook.com from the host file by making it spaces. So it will be for him for one time only which sounds more spoofed. Its just a single line code but i cannot tell you guys because it will make this article completely unethical.
I will teach you techniques but i will not do spoon feeding because if you want to become good hacker then you need to use your brain too. I love to be called Destructive but i do constructive works..:P like this one...rofl...

9. Everything other than this is similar to normal phishing technique..

I hope you all like it... If not here is the video of the complete hack in detail with each and every step shown practically.
Note: In video i am using my localhost as web server which in your case will be uraccountname.my3gb.com or other means where you uploaded your files.
Also you must know is localhost IP address. For you case your webhosting will be the IP address that will be used to map against facebook.
Ok now lets watch the video..
or simply download it

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