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How to disable Autorun in Windows 7

Hello friends, in my previous post i have explained how to fix not able to install any antivirus or unable to update any antivirus problem. Today i will teach you how to disable the Autorun on windows 7 in less than 2 minutes. This will make your system or PC more secure against the Trojan and virus attacks. Your system will not get infected until you by yourself executes its exe(executable) file by yourself. As i always had a bad habit of explaining the things with underlying concept, i will follow the same today too. So friends lets have a brief overview how it works.

disable autorun, turn off autoplay
How to Disable autorun in windows 7
What is Autorun? Is it similar to autoplay? Are they really same, can we use them interchangeably, if yes why and if not why not? I know most of users doesn't know the difference between autoplay and autorun. But after reading this article you will be able to distinguish between both terms. First lets start with similarities, both autoplay and autorun are terms coined by Microsoft and specially for windows platform. Both comes in picture whenever a user connects or mounts a new drive on his/her laptop or PC. Autorun and autoplay are actually configuration files which contains the list of commands that decides what action your Operating system should take when you connects or mounts a new media or drive on your system.
AutoPlay is a feature introduced in Windows XP which examines removable media and devices and, based on content such as pictures, music or video files, launches an appropriate application to play or display the content. But the autorun is little bit different.
AutoRun is actually a feature of Windows Explorer service(actually of the shell32 dll), which enables media and devices to launch programs by use of command listed in a file called autorun.inf, stored in the root directory of the medium. Suppose you want to execute the contents of a folder in this case root directly is your folder. Similarly you can extend the thought.
Have you guys ever tried to understand or noticed what happens when we double clicks on any executable file or set up file(which is also a executable). Hmm.... Let me guess, most of times never. Aha... OK.. i explain the background as you will not going to find this valuable information anywhere on internet except HackingLoops or some content copiers (:P who copies my articles). Whenever a user double clicks on any executable file, a set of instructions are executed in background, these instructions are written in autorun.inf files which tells our operating system that which program has to be executed when user double clicks the exe file.
Ahhahh.... i think you still have little confusion... k little more background. There is one more underlying concept which is actually known as Batch programs, batch program are nothing just these are the programs which are running at back end without users awareness. And which file schedules them, which files decides which file has to be executed when first is completed... Guess... hmm.... Its autorun itself. So friends now i think you are able to understand what actually is autorun.

The autorun.inf is much similar to .ini files, containing information and the commands as key = "value" pairs. These keys specifies the below mentioned things:

    The name and the location of a program to call when the medium is inserted (the "AutoRun task").
    The name of a file that contains an icon that represents the medium in Explorer (instead of the standard drive icon).
    Commands for the menu that appears when the user right-clicks the drive icon.
    The default command that runs when the user double-clicks the drive icon.
    Settings that alter AutoPlay detection routines or search parameters.
    Settings that indicate the presence of drivers.

Autorun makes the viruses or Trojans to execute on your system without your interaction. Hackers write viruses and add their virus execution codes in autorun.inf files which automatically starts executing as soon as you attaches your device to your Laptop or PC. Device can be anything like CD, DVD, Blue Ray, Pen Drive , USB hard disk etc. Autorun is actually a open door to attack your system which makes the hackers work quite easier in spreading their viruses and Trojans.

So friends, how to disable autorun or autoplay in windows 7. This is also quite easier if you know things how they actually work and now you can also estimates the dangers that how much dangerous a simple autorun can be. As hacker i am using this from long time, just to automate my programs (:P batch programs).
I have made a video tutorial for you guys which will explain you all possible ways to turn off or disable autoplay in windows 7. So friends watch the video and give your feedback. If you like it, just a simple thanks as comment can do the magic. So be magician and i will continuously keep teaching you the magical tricks.

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