Friday, 21 March 2014

How to bypass registration on forums to view content

Hello friends, today i will teach you another website hacking technique  " How to bypass registration on forums and browse them completely". Using this hack we will be able to browse any forum without registration.
Most of times when we are searching any content on Google, yahoo or another search engine, they show us forum results. When we open those forums they requires registration for viewing their content or using the forum.
How i thought about this hack?
I was searching on Google about some software's and Google displays lots of results and most of them are of forums. Whenever i tried to open any forum it ask for registration. So i really got mad by registering on forums. So i decided to use check the cached copy of the forum on Google and guess what i am able to see the content of the forums. Here the main idea lies, if google cache is able to bypass registration then why not us.. :P . So i have made the script setting for Firefox to bypass registration on forums.

1. Mozilla Firefox
2. User Agent Switcher add on
3. Add On default user Setting

Steps to bypass registration on forums:
1. Use Mozilla Firefox for using this trick.
2. Now got to Tools tab in Mozilla Firefox and then select Add On.
3. Now download User Agent Switcher and Install It. Then it will ask for restarting web browser. Just restart your Firefox.
4. Now Go to Tools in Mozilla Firefox and then go to User Agent Switcher and select edit user agents.
5. Now there Enter the Information carefully:

    Description : Google bot 2.1 (

    User-Agent : Googlebot/2.1+(+"

Then click on OK. Sample screenshot shown below:

Bypass registration on forums

6. Now close that and Again go to Tools in Firefox and then to User Agent Switcher and there select Googlebot 2.1(

7. You are done now. Now browse almost all forums without registration.

Drawback or Limitation:
Forums that has locked the bots from browsing their data cannot be bypassed using this hack. Also forums that uses no index meta tag also cannot be bypassed using this trick.

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