Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hacking Tutorials Log in Windows Without Password with Kon Boot

                                                             Kon boot

1. First, we will make the bootable Kon Boot by using the default kon-boot installer that already provided when we buy this program, but if we use the free version, we can create the image by following the tutorial how to create bootable usb.

Choose the USB we want to use to install kon-boot from the "available USB drives" drop down list and click "Install to USB stick" when finished.

The installation process will take approximately 1 minute.

note: Make sure you choose the correct USB, because the installation process will erase all data on your USB device.

2. The Kon-boot USB now ready, we need to configure the BIOS settings to change the boot order to boot from USB. You can view our previous tutorial about changing BIOS boot order.

3. This is the preview when we successfully boot from Kon-boot USB.

4. After the Kon-boot initialization screen, it will normally boot the Windows. When we press the SHIFT key 5 times (sticky keys), we can see the command prompt pooped out with system role.

5. We can enter Windows without a password, just click the arrow and we already inside the system.

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